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Thread: Doing the diapering. Why do you enjoy it?

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    Default Doing the diapering. Why do you enjoy it?

    Okay, so I have seen many threads on self diapering and on how to diaper others. However, I am curious as to how it looks from the other persons point of view. I can see the enjoyment in being diapering but I was wondering what aspects of the diapering does the caregiver/changer enjoy? Have you ever had to diaper someone or chosen to? What was your favorite part? Is there an actual fetish for wanting to be a caregiver to one in a diaper?

    I ask because I am very interested in being diapered but I cannot enjoy it unless the other person enjoys this as well. So what in particular do you enjoy or think you would enjoy about changing someone?

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    Hmmm, good question.

    Quote Originally Posted by comfycozy View Post
    what aspects of the diapering does the caregiver/changer enjoy?
    For me the most amazing part of being a caretaker is being able to satisfy my partner's fantasies. Giving care, making them feel loved, is exactly what being a caretaker is all about! I enjoy most the adorableness that treating someone like a baby permits. (diapering being a truly adorable thing in my books)

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    I enjoy diapering my boyfriend While I'm still not too good at it, I believe he understands all the love and care I put into it. My favorite part is (when I get it right! Just kidding) just getting him ready. I usually try to baby him a bit before putting him in one. Sometimes this could be paci time or on special occasions (usually when we're not rushed or remember!) I bottle feed him usually something like milk or water. That's my favorite part I guess is the whole babying him.

    I personally enjoy being diapered and babied more than being a caretaker but that's because I'm a bit spoiled :P But I love being the caretaker at times because I feel that it's just another way I can show how much I love and care about my partner.

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    My girlfriend/mommy is kind of interested in trying one of my diapers. She said she might not be able to put it on by herself so I agreed to put one on her. The only thing is I've never diapered anyone before and it'll probably feel different due to the change in perspectives. I'm sure it will go off without a hitch. Hopefully!


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    On the occasions when I've diapered others, it's about sharing a special moment, as well as helping them to fulfill their dreams and fantasies. It's hard to articulate well, but there is a certain special something to getting the tapes right or tucking the legs so they're just right, and then seeing the reaction afterward, that's truly special. I feel as though there's an added component to it when the caregiver is a genuine ABDL, as opposed to someone that's doing it just to be supportive. From the ABDL perspective, you can understand and empathize with the person you're diapering, and you can understand why they're enjoying it, and subsequently experience and enjoy the other half of the diapering equation, as well.

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    I've only ever been on the caregiver side a few times, but for me it was kind of a mix of good and bad. The bad part was that I felt awkward with myself because I was afraid I would mess up or something. The good was seeing the love and appreciation in the eyes of the girl being diapered and feeling like I was pretty lucky to be able to bring someone such joy by doing something as simple as diapering them.

    When I'm on the receiving side of the diapering I know that my Mommy loves to see me relaxed and regressed while she carries out the process. I think that all caregivers are truly special people for doing what they do, and I would think that in most cases they do it not just for the benefit of their baby, but because it makes them happy to make the other person happy. Truly selfless individuals.

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    Now I see it a bit more from the caregiver side and can DEFINATELY understand why it might be rewarding caring for someone definately less shy about being diapered

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    This should probably be in the AB section...

    Anyway, there's something really special about diapering someone you really love and care about as a little. It's a very intimate experience for me. I had an experience recently that really reminded me of how wonderful it can be. He was so little and innocent. Undressing him lovingly, laying him on the bed all nakie while I got all the diapery stuff. That's a special memory for me, I guess, and it might sound weird but him laid splayed out on the bed naked and feeling totally innocent and safe was something that made my heart melt.

    Then I slid the diaper under his butt, rubbed some lotion in and powdered him. At that stage, it's nice on a personal level to smell those things and see it all 'coming together', odd as it may sound. You can see how you'll be taping the diaper up and how comfy it'll be and what not. From a caretaker perspective, I think it adds another layer to regression. It's a bit like a 'ritual' to show the person is little and safe with you, and it makes /me/ feel very loving and Mama-ish.

    And finally, taping the diaper up snugly and giving him a biiiiig cuddle! It's very satisfying, seeing a job done well, and it makes me happy knowing I've made him feel all secure and safe. The diaper is like a...constant reminder/symbol of littleness, and I like knowing he has that reminder, even if he's not wearing anything especially little.

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    Although I have never been diapered by someone else, or had the opportunity to diaper another, I can certainly imagine how it must feel. Like all other relationships, Caregiver roles are about investing time, effort, and most importantly, love into a relationship. Your happiness becomes connected to their happiness. So when an opportunity comes along to do something as simple as diapering, but knowing how happy it makes them, it makes you happy to do it. Caring for a baby girl has long been one of my deepest fantasies and a major theme in my writing and if I do one day get the chance to do such an intimate thing with one, I'm sure I'll find it to be just as wonderful and fulfilling as I imagine it to be.

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    I do occasionally put a nappy on someone else and occasionally I will become daddy to my on line mummy's LG. What do I get out of it, basically similar feelings to when I am having a nappy change from someone else, to me it's all about the love and nurtering that goes on, with my lg once she is nice and clean I'll do silly things like blow raspberries on her tummy or tickle her ( making sure she is either ona changing met or better still an absorbant pad as she does have a habit of wetting when she get's excited), ,I talk to her in baby talk, make sure she is warm and snug. When I give her a bottle, I have a very soft chenille blanket which I wrap around her (swaddle) or justcover her with while I hold hger very close and give her, her bottle, aand just whisper silly things to her while she drinks, things like telling her she.s such a beautiful little baby, and is she going to be a good girl and finish her bottle I'm sure you get the idea,the same when she is bveing put down for a nap or fed from a plate or a bowl, usually followed by a bath as she like to try to feed herself and get's food just about everywhere, but even if I'm not physically touching her, ssay getting things ready for a change I still talk to her and at night time I will either lay her across my chest and hold her, give her, her dummy and then tell her a story while she goes to sleep, basically allthe things that a loving parent does for a baby or a toddler. Some of the way I interact with her is age dependant, so, it changes if she is a toddler,then we willhave tea parties with dolls and teddy, so she is allowed to help daddy backe fairy cakes anda cup cakes etc. Either as a baby or a toddlerif she has to punished ( a slap on the back of the hand or a few slaps on a nappied bottom for a baby (gentle ones for both baby and toddler) and for the toddler back of the hand or back of the legs0, but any punishement is instantly (Usually) followed up with lots of hugs and love and kisses, babies and toddlers have short memories, punishment has to be KNOW as does forgiveness, besides that I can't stand to see my baby girl crying.

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