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    My wife who by the way was not happy with my diaper lifestyle wanted me to go talk to someone to see if what I am doing is dangerous. Now I already know it isn't and went about two months ago and was right. After talking with my wife about it she has finally agreed to come with me and spend the who hour talking about why it's not bad for me to do. I'm hoping my wife will understand it better then she does now she feels that it's not good for me to do but doesn't mind if I go to websites like this and think about it she just does not want me to do it for real. I on the other hand don't think I can just give this part of my life up I love it more then anything. Right now I do it but I am not aloud to do it with her knowledge although she knows I am doing it. He other day I asked her to come with me and talk about it with the therapist and if she is still totally agenst it I will try and stop doing it but I made sure I told her that I will try but wiill tell her if I can't I'm hoping that she will understand it better and finally except me ffor it. I originally told her that I only wore them and didn't use them but last night we had a long open talk about them and I told her my life story about diapers I thinking it really helped I told her how I used to wet them all the time and about my bedwerring problems as a kid and early teen. I also explained how I don't sleep well unless I wear a diaper cause of fear that I will wet the bed still which I have done twice in the last few years but not since I've been with her this is why she is finally going g to talk with the therapist with me I think she is starting to understand first finally. So wish me luck I will let u know how it goes I know I got my fingures crossed sorry if I ran on ans jumped around I'm writing this on my phone lol

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    good luck 4 u mate, i hope your wife understands that its nothing super weird or pedo

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukethekiwi View Post
    good luck 4 u mate, i hope your wife understands that its nothing super weird or pedo
    Thanks I think she feels that I am replacing something that she can do and I think the pedo thing is in the back of her mind only cause she has arid stuff in the past not exactly but beatting around the bush.

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