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Thread: Been a while, hasn't it?

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    Default Been a while, hasn't it?

    Hey guys,

    I'm not 100% sure of the fame (or lack of) I've gathered in this community, but I'm sure one or two of you can recognise/remember my "Fry" avatar... I have been absent from this community for quite a while - checking in once in a while to see where everyone is at. I moved out of the house about a month and a bit ago to go to university, and I'm living alone in my own home. We all dream of this: It's the chance to freely be ourselves. It's been busy, that's for sure! And I regretfully haven't been able to keep up with my friends on here and what the community has been up to.

    After 11 years, I can finally wear and dress how I please. I normally look through ebay and assorted shops for AB clothing, and I usually don't find much. Until recently...

    Ice cream cone outfit

    I had to buy this because it is just so darn cute. I mean, LOOK at those ice cream cones! And the collar! Hot dang, it's just adorable!

    I like to assure people that I'm not an LG... I have no desire to be a girl, it's just that LG clothing makes me feel 17 years younger and 150 pounds lighter. What can a guy do?

    Anyhoo, I just figured I'd fire off a new "coming-back" thread since, you know, I'm back.

    Just remember that you may be living at home still, you're short on cash, parents are snooping around, and you feel a little self conscious about this, but everything gets better as you get older... Except for bills.

    Hold on tight, spider monkey! You'll get there.

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    Welcome back jimini as I remember you well. Yes, I moved out shortly after I "was caught". Being able to "do my thing" was liberating.

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    Thanks dogboy I certainly don't notice much difference in my lifestyle, except I have the freedom to do stuff when I decide to without worry. Liberating is a good word for it!

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    Good to see you back, although I keep seeing you around the Internet with varying captions, so in a way, it's like you never left

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimini View Post
    I was disappointed to see that this wasn't an actual ice cream cone outfit :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten View Post
    I was disappointed to see that this wasn't an actual ice cream cone outfit :/
    An actual ice cream cone costume was my original first choice, but they didn't have an ice cream hat with sprinkles, lol.

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    It's kind of ironic how we have to grow up a little bit more before we're more able to regress. =P I really want to be on my own just for this reason, but will have to wait some time due to several other reasons...

    Still, welcome back to ADISC!

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    Good to see you back.
    And I hope you know I have implanted a tracking device on you so I can find your house and steal this outfit.

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    Hehe, thanks you guys!

    And Powderhair, boy will you be surprised when you find the tracking device! I have already removed it and put it on a stray Pomeranian...

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