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Thread: Favorite/Happiest moments in diapers

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    Default Favorite/Happiest moments in diapers

    Aaaahh. Sitting on the couch in a wet goodnite with my paci while i'm home alone for the evening. Its moments like these that make it great to be a diaper lover/teen baby. What are some of your favorite or happiest moments in diapers?

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    When I'm sitting on the floor watching scooby doo in a pull up or something sucking my pacifier.

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    When I-- oh wait I cant get diapers ;A;

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    Any diaper time is good time but a couple stand out. Enjoying the sun outside on my deck in just a diaper is a frequent thing for me. Today as many I spent the day working in my garage and yard in just an M-4 with shorts over them, a hat and flipflops. I waved to the neighbor and of course he had no idea. By evening that Abena was maxed out. I got a lot of work done and being in almost nothing but a diaper all day made it a good day. My most memorable was after a flood. I live on a small river that became jammed with branches and debris after some heavy rains so I put on my waders and got to work clearing things out so my back yard wouldn't wash away. I wasent going to waste a half used X-Plus so I wore under the waders. It took hours, sometimes in chest deep rushing water and #2 happend. It is an unusual feeling with the water pressing in on the waders.

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    The first time I doubled up and another time where I soaked through a diaper when I was talking to my parents when they were on vacation (such the deviant :P).

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    Whenever I can fall asleep diapered and snuggled up next to my plushies. It never fails to give me a fuzzy feeling inside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    My most memorable was after a flood.
    Reminds me of removing snow with snow blower and shovel while wearing. It makes it that much more bearable.

    I too do house and yard work in diapers.

    Taking a nap in the afternoons with a diaper on.

    Also, surfing the net and replying here!

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    Heading out to buy cigarettes at three in the morning during Colorado winter with double diapers on. Like sailor10 said, diapers make snow much more bearable. Other than that, I don't think any wearing experience is anything but great.

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    When I know I can be in diapers, because it's rare for me to be alone.

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    I happended to be home alone (from my bf). I went to bed, double diapered, and it didn't take me many moment to go to sleep.
    I have never felt so happy before, not to mention my sleep. This was probably the best I ever had for ages!

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