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    I'm going boating soon and am concerned that because the seating positions are not the most ideal for modesty, my diaper my show as my swimsuit may get stretched. On top of that I hope to not get it wet on the outside. I'm thinking of wearing just a guard instead. I thought of plastic pants but they will most likely be too hot.

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    You could try a cloth based training pant. Those give moderate protection and are not too hot.

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    Wet on the outside isn't a huge deal, just put some duct tape over the tapes before you go out. Don't jump in the water and you'll be fine.

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    Are you incontinent? Wear pull ups

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    I have a Discovery Trecking Outdoors swim diaper that I just put 1 to 2 baby cloth diapers in and it works great. I have neurogenic bladder and bowel from a SCI.

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