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Thread: A little bit about me (gotta get rid of the notice somehow)

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    Default A little bit about me (gotta get rid of the notice somehow)

    I am a dl, I have known of this for a very long time. I am male, I am married and I am employed. I am very much in the closet about my fetish, only a small handful of people know.

    I write on occasion not pertaining to the fetish mostly sci/fi fantasy. I have not been published, but I feel it would help my chances if I finished something first.

    I am kind of a fat nerd, I play minecraft, Dungeons and Dragons mmo's every now and again.

    I like to talk religion with anyone who likes to talk about it. I like to learn about people's beliefs and thoughts. I feel faith is a good thing but who you pray to or don't is between you and the deity that you pray to or don't. I am open minded and as long as you don't tell me I am wrong I don't argue that your theory is incorrect... how can we know until it is too late anyway.

    I am quite sociable for being quite antisocial. Feel welcome to approach me with any questions you have about me or who I am.

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    Welcome to Adisc. I used to be a fat nerd. I am still a nerd but have lost a lot of weight recently. I am still a bit big though. I don't play a lot of online games. I had some friends try to get me into minecraft, but i could not get into it. It is good to see another 25yo online (even though i am only a couple of weeks away from 26).

    AND I LOVE DEBATING/DISCUSSING RELIGION. Although.... i strongly believe mine is right and all others are 'missing something' ... JK. I still enjoy learning about other beliefs. I always try to keep it purely educational/civil. I never insult anyone's religion.

    I am curious if your wife knows about your DL side? That is always something i wonder about married DL's. If so, is she supportive? If you don't wish to answer those questions, I understand completely.

    Anyways... welcome to ADISC.

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    I turn 26 on the 29th of this month, it is also my five year anniversary. I do agree it is nice to see another adult, though I do like that there is a place for teenagers out there. When I was a teen I was aware of this aspect of my life had one friend that knew, because when we were in the 3rd grade we had both talked about how we liked diapers, and to date don't feel I can share it about myself without the anonymous screen of the internet.

    My wife is quite aware of it. It is a big enough point in my life that I don't think I could have married her if she wouldn't have at least tolerated it. She is waiting for the day that we are comfortable enough financially for her to become a lifestyle baby. I have sent her link and am hoping she joins the site. I always ask that same question too, I love to find people who have people they can share this with.

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