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    Hi Guys,

    I have been a lurker for a while now. I am Sheepish (shy) as the name implies. I am an AB who has been interested in regression/diapers for as long as I can remember. I do have a "grown up" side that works a steady career to support my car hobby and pay the mortgage. I am happily married to a very supportive wife who actually suggested I join the site to try and come to terms with the AB side of me. I have been lost in all the info and am very relieved to see I am most definitely among like minded people. I hope that I can use this info accept myself a little more than I have in the past. My wife has been a big help and has also been on looking over info. Anyways, thanks for the site and support!

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    Welcome... And you are no longer a 'Lurker'... You are now a contributor. CONGRATS!

    As for your intro. I am glad you found someone that loves you for who you really are. So another CONGRATS!

    I am sure you will eventually be able to sort thru all the great information on here. The best place to start is the Articles section. Those are posts specifically written for information. The forums are more for discussions and fun, but you can find some great information there, too.

    Anyways... WELCOME SHEEPISH!

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    Welcome Sheepish and congrats on de-lurking! Since ABalex covered the important info I'll just ask something about you. What's your car hobby? Do you restore cars or a car?

    I hope you and your wife find helpful information here! Welcome again!

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    Hi sheepish, and welcome to the group. I'm also an AB, but how about giving us a little more about your hobbies and interests, what sort of book or music do you like,are you into movies, that sort of thing. Also if you haven't already done so have a look at there is alot of useful info in there.

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    I dont really restore my stuff as much as drive it till it breaks, fix, repeat. I like 4x4ing, sports cars, and well anything with wheels. I have had a vintage sports car, a '76 Triumph Spitfire, actually Ive had 2. I was in an accident in one about 3 1/2 years ago and went of a 20 ft bridge then the car rolled over me (it was a convertable) then I was thrown from it and had to be airlifted to a trauma center in the next state over. I bought a second car to replace that one 3 months after the accident as a replacement but being behind the wheel of it was to much like the first and had bad memories so I sold it just a couple months ago. I raced semi-pro X-country Mtn Bikes when I was younger. I had to stop that to get a job to impress my now father in law. I still ride occasionally but just for fun. I work too much now to enjoy reading or movies much. I would rather be outside doing something than inside reading or watching the tube. I have two dogs and a cat. Well truthfully I have one dog and my wife has a dog and a cat. Mine is a miniature pinscher named Lieben or "Love" in German because he was a birthday gift from my wife..... That about sums me up.... thanks for the warm welcome! Sheepish

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