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Thread: Suggestions on places for AB clothing

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    Smile Suggestions on places for AB clothing

    Hello all, I've been around a long time, I've just never posted much. I have reached a point in my relationship where my wife is being very supportive of my AB tendencies and needs, and I finally feel comfortable reaching out some, including asking some questions. I am a big guy (I wear like 4X tees) and I am having a horrible time trying to find any AB clothing. I am looking for things like onesies, shortalls, childish theme tees and such and I was wondering if anyone knew of a vendor/site etc that sold these things for erm "bigger" folks.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    theyre arent exactly any regular websites that make ab clothes that large but you could always go the way of ebay, there are lots of ladies on there who will make custom clothes for you. they might even have a couple premade things they sell that might fit. i understand your frustration with the clothes because i have a hard time finding things they make that will fit as well. but anyways look up ab wonderland or mslorainex on ebay and they might be able to help ya theres also the forever a kid website that does custom work

    edit: also if youre looking for regular shorttalls you might want to just make them yourself by getting a pair over overalls and hemming the legs and maybe put an applique on the bib, might be a different story if you wanted them to have snaps in the crotch though because thats not as simple

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    I will check those folks on eBay out. Thanks for the suggestions!

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    I will take a listen, I didnt even know podcasts like this existed! Thanks!

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    I didn't either until about a week or so ago. I had checked iTunes for AB podcasts a ton of times, but because I always used ABDL terms rather then ageplay terms I missed this show. I got lucky and caught another reference to it someone else had made here on ADISC. I'm niw trying to share the link whenever I get a good reason to.

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    I would highly recommend Forever A Kid Adult Baby Clothing - Home Page for custom AB clothes. The quality and perfect fit complete justify paying a little extra for custom.

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    Some good suggestions have been made already.

    That said, look for Sparkyndiaps on eBay. He doesn't have anything up presently, but he's made Mr. X and I a couple of onesies now, and they're positively brilliant.

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    Thanks again for all the good suggestions, I have sent messages to some of the folks suggested on ebay, perhaps soon I can get me some new onesies and perhaps some pajamas before the weather cools down :3

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    I say forever a kid also you can down load or print out a fourm to fill out with all your sizes and anwer questions like doyou like lace on your cloths and are you a infant toddler then you send the information in and when ever you order from them they pull that sheet out of their file and make your cloths to those measurements the only time you have to send them your mesurements again is if you gain or lose wait. If you have a crib they can make bumbers that fit your adult crib and make them match your paamas they also make sheets pilow cases, curtins, quilts, and comfortersand they can all matcheach other and your paamas. Just thought you might like to know.

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