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Thread: i'm a little late with this, but here goes.

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    Default i'm a little late with this, but here goes.

    My username is datosprivados, (What I think is correct Spanish for "Private Data", correct me if I'm wrong). I'm 15, mostly a TB with a fading DL side of the fence.

    I've been on one or two other sites of this kind, left both for various reasons...

    I live in the USA East Coast. And spend my time switching between lifting weights, hanging out with friends, looking up all this endless judeo-christian theological theory shit due to some compulsion I can somewhat place... (Jesus an alien?. Or died in Kashmir?. Unitarians say he wasn't one with god, just a savior prophet, but Trinitarian apologists say otherwise, yet counter-apologists on the Unitarian side etc. etc. etc.)

    And the rest is mostly spent playing Halo 3 on Xbox Live.
    For me, being a TB/DL is when I'm about to go to sleep usually, a teddy bear and diaper are just more cuddly and comforting that way

    Not much else to say... Here I am.

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    Hi. Welcome to adisc . Everyone's really friendly, so you should enjoy it here.

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC. What's up with your rep? I looked at your posts; it didn't seem like you did anything wrong.

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    Default sgxdf

    I posted a "longcat is long" post... The IRC 1886 line 'text bomb' type from Encyclopedia Dramatica as a joke.

    I've learned my lesson from the three annoyed messages that arrived shortly after in my inbox

    "This is why my rep is low"

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