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Thread: Redneck Haiku- Just for fun

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    Default Redneck Haiku- Just for fun

    Try writing "Redneck" themed haiku, just to see if ya can do it.... I'll start with one of mine-


    Cold, wet, and thirsty
    Whole case of Bud Lite smashed up
    Trailer park twister

    My best to all,


    PS- I lived in the deep south for over 25 years, so redneck is a common term of "endearment" in many locales.


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    I think haiku from a redneck perspective would be something along the lines like:
    Bacon, eggs and grits
    Bacon, gravy, eggs and grits
    Another fast broke

    Maybe the last line is too deep...


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    Most call us stupid.
    I study Aristotle.
    Stereotype, me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneedsapullup View Post

    Most call us stupid.
    I study Aristotle.
    Stereotype, me?
    I'm impressed, this is quite good.
    Speaking as one who grew up in the wooded mountains of North Carolina and who has been stereotyped, I can only say that I wish I had written that.

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    Redneck oh redneck
    Redneck redneck redneck oh
    Redneck oh redneck

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    Ok, Ok, here's my attempt at it

    My truck done got stoled
    I done drunk all of my beer
    Dog's all I gots now

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    My sex dream is of
    God driving Nascar, drinking
    and running down gays.

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    I beat my fat wife
    She's eating all of my food
    And that damn dog too


    I bathe in a creek
    I smell like a dead man's boot
    But I'm civilized


    Blacks, gays, Mexicans
    I don't know why they exist
    I'm a good christian


    I'm not racist, or against homosexuality at all, btw. (:
    This is just my view on rednecks. |:

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    i done beat my wife
    i shot dat ting over dere
    its gawn be ma dina

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