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Thread: Reactivating My Acount. I'm Back Baby!!

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    Default Reactivating My Acount. I'm Back Baby!!

    I haven't been here in a while, had to reactivated my acount to log in. Why did I want to log in so badly!!?

    I bought a pair of pjs from, and was a little dissapointed. The material is not as heavy as others i've had, and they look like they took a beating after the first washing. They arn't too bad, but they don't feel as if they are going to last for 3 years like my old pajamas. ("Big Red" - Jumpin Jammerz circ. 2008 - before they added silly rubber foot zipper.)

    What is also missing from most pajamas? That strip of fleece fabric that covers the back of the zipper so that the ruff zipper material (or zipper teeth) don't touch your skin!! Maybe I'll ask my mom to add it to my pjs.

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    Haha...yeah, if your mom is cool with the footed pj's, that would protect your skin. I have a pair of Jummpin jammez and they have the teddy bear print. They certainly keep me warm in the winter. I can't wear them any other time because they get too hot.

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