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Thread: Baby powder, anyone else not sure about it?

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    Default Baby powder, anyone else not sure about it?

    I've been using it pretty consistently but I don't know, it doesn't seem to do anything positive. I'm using a mostly corn-starch based one and all it seems to do is get sticky, make a mess, and hold the moisture close to my skin causing irritation.

    Maybe it's not the baby powder that's the problem, but I don't recall having issues when I didn't use it. Back then though, I wasn't as comfortable with wetting and largely didn't do it.

    Am I doing it wrong? Maybe I should go with something more talc based? What is baby powder supposed to be accomplishing?

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    From what I have read, you only want it to lightly dust your dry skin. Some people use a brush to apply it. Some people just pat the bottom and genitalia. Some people will use a latex glove when doing this as the talc can ruin the adhesive on the tapes. Any accumulation in the diaper hurts the diapers ability to function. Hope that helps

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    I've spent most of the last week in diapers, and I've tried various combinations of cream/powder. For the most part, I don't think any kind of cream in necessary for recreational wearing, unless you have sensitive skin or plan to stay in a wet one for a long time. I can't say using baby powder has made me feel particularly drier, but a dusting in the groin area can ease chafing, and in the hot summer months it can help you feel a lot cooler inside.

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    I use it diapered or not religiously. Helps things to.....well not stick XD. Dose sound like you are using way to much. It is not like cat litter where the more the better it is supposed to be used after a changing to help dry up the skin, not to keep the skin from getting wet. Also used for deodorizing between baths. I use both talcum & corn starch but sparingly. I also use a little on the out side of the diaper to keep the plastic from rubbing my inner thigh raw.

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    I'm not using a lot, just a light dusting but perhaps it's more the area of coverage. Probably just don't need any on the butt.

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    Personally, I like the smell and the idea that my down there area is as only a baby's bottom should be, powdered and fresh! It does cut down on the sweat and chaffing. I usually use pleanty of baby oil when in the shower and after I'm all taped up I'll throw a dash down the front and back to keep things fresh.

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    talk is basically a dry lubricant, but it also can help a little bit with cutting down sweating since it prevents plastic that's in contact with your skin from breathing. You don't want to mix it with liquid, or you basically get a paste. Also talc isn't good on the body if it gets inside, so keep talk away from cuts.

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    Well I can see how someone talking near a cut might get some saliva in it which wouldn't be good but I fail to see how talking is a dry lubricant.

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    I prefer talc as cornstarch is susceptible fungi, and mold.

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