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Thread: Molicare vs ATN vs Abena Abriform

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    Default Molicare vs ATN vs Abena Abriform

    Hi all. I am probably going to have to bite the bullet and just test each of the three myself, but I wanted to know in case anyone HAS already tested all three give me an in depth gauge.

    adjutantreflex gave a nice review of molicare but his review was also on the abena super and I want to know for each of these three how they compare as a daytime diaper.

    I have about a month supply left of Wellness briefs as my daytime diaper, and after that I want to switch to something both economical and discreet under tighter clothing.

    I want to say I will use molicare but I still have nightmares with those tapes and a diaper can have all the absorbensy in the world. If it is not taped right or the tapes pop it will leak. The old molicare supers held decently with duct tape, but the air dry ones when they first came out and when I stopped using molicares 6 years ago were horrible for fit. I have used ATN and like them, but they are loud and sometimes leak through the plastic. I have never tried abena abriform other than xplus.

    What I am grading on is .
    A. Concealable under dress slacks
    B. Does not expand enormously when wet
    C. Holds its shape when wet
    D. Tapes hold

    Any advice on this subject would be very appreciated.

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    i have used all three, and I prefer the Abena. I usually just wear at night, so I really don't have any data on how well they work under dress slacks, but I don't think they expand enormously, they hold their shape fine, and if you get the tapes correct the first time there are no problems with the tapes. The Molicares are a close second, but they do swell up pretty good. I just got some ATNs, and so far I have had quite a bit of trouble with the tapes.

    Feel free to private message me if you would like more information on these.

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    I have not tried the ATNs, but I'd recommend Abri-Form over Molicare. The M4 is my favorite diaper

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    I think it all has to do with personal preference and it's hard to suggest any of the quality brands over each other. I have tried Abena X-Plus, Molicare Super Plus, Tranquility ATN, Drycare 24/7, and Bambinos. I have tried them all in the same size in medium and didn't really care for the Abena or 24/7 because the fit was all wrong for me. I liked the other three though (Molicare, ATN, Bambino).

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    I use dry 24/7 as my night time diaper. I am really only looking at the thinner premiums so no to Xplus, molicare superplus, dry 24/7, Bambino. But thank you all for your insights

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    If you like the Dry 24/7 and X-Plus then you'd probably want to look at the thinner Abenas? It seems like there's mostly thick good diapers and thinner ones that are almost useless. Not because they're thin, but that the high quality makers don't seem to focus too much on the thin market. I like the ATNs and they're pretty thin but as you note they are noisy as hell and nothing like discrete.

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    Well just doing the math of my diaper needs I come up with this.

    dry24/7 case of 72 ($118.95) evening 365 5.1 orders $603.00

    daytime 730
    Abena Case of 88 $86.95 8.2 orders $721.30
    Molicare Case of 90 $97.95 8.1 orders $794.50
    ATN Case of 84 $100 8.6 orders $869

    Plus baby diaper stuffers of about 2 diapers per daytime diaper 1460 baby diapers
    Pampers6 Case of 140 $45 10.4 orders $469

    As you can see, difference of cost for the three diapers is huge when spread over the course of a year in which you use 2 daytime diapers and one night time diaper.
    Using Molicare as the average I calculate my annual diaper costs to be $1,867
    Spread out this means my monthly cost for diapers is $155.60

    This does not include powder, plastic pant replacements, or lotion which I do not know how to measure as used over the course of a year, but with the exception of the plastic pants, the power and lotion is negligible.

    This is why I am looking so deeply into the best daytime diaper for me. If all three are similar then I will simply choose the cheapest and smile at the savings, but if the quality is VERY noticeably different for those who use these as daytime diapers I want know before I order cases as this saves on both shipping and per brief cost.

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    I have not tried the abenas, but Out of Molicare Super Plus, Tranquility ATN and Dry 24/7 Id have to say molicare was my favorite and held up the best. Both the molicare and dry 24/7 were really thick but absorbed alot and I never leaked. The ATN tapes were really annoying and almost impossible to re adjust. They didnt really leak either but the plastic backing is really loud. So not very discreet. If you want a good high quality diaper that wont leak but it discreet I would go with attends or tena super. There both really quiet and discreet but also absorb alot. And if you really need more protection you could always put a booster in your diaper. Hope this helps

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    I've tested almost every diaper you can get in the states, and I can vouch for the Abena's over all. The only negative I have, is that they're real medical styled.

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    Have you considered using cloth at night? It seems that you are looking for as inexpensive a mix of diapers as you can find. I'd suggest buying 2 cloth diapers (flannel or birdseye) in adult size and a dozen baby cloth prefolds as stuffers, 6 per diaper, and see how they work for you. they won't be cheap, but you shouldn't spend more than about the cost of a case of Molicares for the lot. Give them a try, and see how they work for you.

    If you like them, buy a few more in about the same ratio (2 adult to 12 baby) as you can afford them. Yes, there's the cost of washing, but likely not more than one or two loads/week. DON'T use any fabric softener, as they reduce absorbency!

    I use cloth at night when I'm home, and find them very long lasting and economical. Just a thought for ya!

    My best to you!


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