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    After a bit of an annoyance in a forum ( where I'm "Top Dog" (the biggest poster with over 4k posts a) where ADISC was mentioned (and which I still have to resolve...) I decided to have a go at it and become member. I'm a DL, try to be in diapers the whole time over the weekend (hence not during my work week). I love to have the diaper thickness maxed out, that is as thick as the garment over it will allow. Fattest butt so far 125 cm (that's a lot of inches...) over my undiapered 96 cm circumference. Being into diapers is a logical result of my being into medical bondage. After all, being secured in Segufix taking a pee is not something that can be done without help.

    In daily life I'm electronicks engineer. I do too much computer stuff having moved from analog design and support. That finds a place as a hobby which it has for the last 39 years as I have a sizeable workshop with lots of cool equipment.

    Electronics may be my hobby, diapers are my being. I compare it to being gay or straight. It's what I am, and it's what I feel comfortable with.

    Now I've got to find that pesky thread and upload an avatar...


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    Lol, I knew it. Managed to stumble across that thread earlier today. Welcome to ADISC, I hope you'll find what you're looking for - and maybe hang around for a while! ^^

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    I've been wanting to try a segufix (h/e its spelled) for awhile (or some restraining device). I think I'm in to some medical stuff as well. I often fantasize about some of these things but I don't have the money to cover some of that stuff. The most medical I've gotten was Foley catheters. That and I work too much to practice anything. I never had any visits to the hospital that required a stay overnight that I can remember (maybe once when I had head trauma). No idea where the fetish came from.

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    @ MeTaLMaNN1983: Yes, that's how it's spelled. I have some piccies on my website If you're in Segufix diapers are soooo handy...

    The avatar depicts Wolfgang Schaeuble, former German Secretary of State who wanted to spy on the Germans GDR-style, hence Stasi 2.0. There's a Wackypedia entry about the subject.

    As for what I was looking for, I already found it (the very wrong photos on Quality Diapers). The discussion on ADISC about this is inaccessible for me as I'm just starting out...


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