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    Lightbulb Hello everybody

    Hello. I am a 30 year old male and I am an educated engineer (in the field of high voltage and power utilisation).

    Hobbies and stuff
    I use the most of my spare time flying sailplanes. This brings a lot of joy, relaxtion and a most needed break from my busy workflow.
    My flying is actually a reason to come here - I'll explain... further down the post.

    Beside this, I am a homebrewer. I brew beer for the sheer fun of it. Unfortunately it is quite expensive and time comsuming, so I don't do this very often.

    I do ju-jutsu (type of martial art), I have a very strong interests in trains, signaling and interlocking, and flying (obiously).
    Besides flying sailpanes, I am very fond of helicopters, to an extent that I crave like crazy, for someday to have a helicopter certificate. Maybe even owing my very own chopper (a Rotorway could do it). Though it would cost me a minor fortune.

    I play the saxophone, and I like to listen to a variety of genres. Jazz, Pop/rock, death metal, classical ... I have a list of artists I really like, but I will spare you for now, as this is *very* long.

    Why I came here
    Though these aircraft lack the motor, they are actually capable of staying in the air for a long a time. It is not unusual to soar (the art of flying a sailplane) for 5-6 hours.
    I do believe you are familiar with the saying "what comes in, must come out". It certainly applies to sailplane pilots also. In this case, diapers could be a solution to that issue.

    I find it hard to come to terms with my fascination of diapers. And to be honest with you, I use this as an mere excuse to wearing them. I do wear diapers only occasionally, but when I do, it is typically in public.

    What I am looking for
    I am looking for reviews, discussions and stories related to diapers. I will mainly be looking, reading forum posts, but I will also post some of my own.

    So this me.

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    Wow, sailplanes sound like more fun than anything. I can't think of a better excuse to wear diapers . If your diehard it seems like a must! I think almost every single one of us had, or is having a hard time excepting who we are. So you have come to the right place, that is what we are all here to do. And the more the merrier, so Welcome to ADISC!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lagon View Post
    I do wear diapers only occasionally, but when I do, it is typically in public.
    Can you fly sailplanes with more than just yourself? Or do you find yourself wearing in public for the sheer awesomeness they provide?

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    I am currently taking the certificate in a two-seater airplane, me and the instructor. These flights are not nearly as long, as described aboved. About 30min.

    Wearing simply feels good. I feel kind of secure, and when out public, I like the excitement of passing strangers, without they're taking notice.
    I have also went to work like this, luckily no one has noticed.

    I have been using these times as a kind training, and I have realized, that letting go while sitting is not an easy task...

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    Hi Lagon,
    welcome to the group, a very good intro, I'd love to fly but unfortunately diabetes now precludes that, the neaest I ever got to it was jumping out of aircraft whilst I was in the forces. As a male,letting go in just about any position other than standing is difficult, (unless you have some form of IC). Mosty of it is muscle control. So advise on how to do it while sitting. Well to start with you probably already do it while sitting, just in a different context. So to start with, make sure you are pointing downwards (also helps prevent leaks and spillage over the top of your nappy). Then make sure you are sitting on the very edge of your chair with your scrotum clear of the chair. Make sure you have had plenty to drink. Now just try to relax and let nature takes it course. If you find it difficult to start( and don't forget you are trying to undo 27 years of conditioning) then try some quick pelvic raises, (try to make your bottom rise of the chair just using muscles- or if it's easier to imagine, think about the way your little winkie bobs up and down when you make love and try to mimic that action even though it is relaxed), that hopefully will allow you to startletting go ,although you may only manage a dribble or have a series of stops and starts, but practice will make it easier. Here ends letting go 101. When you get to the stage where you can let go while lying down you may consider yourself graduated. PCBaby

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