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Thread: drugs...smoking. Help.

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    Default drugs...smoking. Help.

    Hey guys! I know this is a *bdl support community, but I could use some support on another field. Iím putting this in the mature section because there are drug references. So last Wednesday (a week ago) I smoked a good amount of very strong marijuana. It was also hot boxed (for those unfamiliar with the term, itís when you take a space and close it up so all of the smoke stays in the space, thus making you higher. ) While doing this last Wednesday I experience one of the most terrifying and eye opening experiences. I had a really bad ďhighĒ and thus thought I was going to die. Basically I had a felt like I was awake on a consciousness level that I shouldnít have been on. I felt almost as if I woke up during a dream, but didnít physically wake up. The harder and harder I tried to ďwake upĒ the farther and farther lost I got . At one point I got so scared out of panic attacks I thought I was unable to breath. I wanted to my friends to call 911 to get me to a hospital. It was an experience I wouldnít wish on my worst enemy.
    Iíve struggled with an anxiety disorder all of my life. This ďhighĒ made me feel like I use to be before I was on heavy meds and went to multiple therapists. Iím currently not doing either though because I thought I was over it. Needless to say, Iíve been sober for a full week and plan on staying off weed/any drug for that matter / alcohol / smoking in general until Iím at a way more mature age to handle such things or to realize that I was a dumbass kid. Itís really hard though. My friends donít peer pressure me, but at the same time I have a good amount of friends that smoke cigarettes and every now and again I smoke one. I was hooked on an electronic cigarette up until 4 days ago. There are constantly cigars and cigarillos around me. Thiers tons of weed around me. I want to be stronger then that crap, and for the past week Iíve been off drugs and for the past 4 days I havenít smoked anything at all.
    Can anyone give me advice on how to deal with any of the things I listed? Whether itís staying away from drugs when there around you or not smoking when the urge is so strong? How did you deal with either of these problems? I canít stand the way I am now. I feel like I lost my innocence and this is my last try to get it back. Thanks guysÖ

    *btw i know pot isn't that bad, until now i haven't had such a weird experience, i'm not raining on anyones parade though. I still support the use of if even if it isn't for me..*


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    I would be straight up and tell your friends that you can't for medical reasons. I developed an ulcer and can't drink more than one beer. When friends offer me another beer I tell them if I do, they can call 911 for me. Considering your emotional history, people should respect your choice. You wouldn't offer an alcoholic a drink, so they shouldn't offer you pot. We live in a world where more people understand the mind and depression. If they can't respect that, they're not your friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxThatGuyxx View Post
    Can anyone give me advice on how to deal with any of the things I listed? Whether it’s staying away from drugs when there around you or not smoking when the urge is so strong? How did you deal with either of these problems? I can’t stand the way I am now. I feel like I lost my innocence and this is my last try to get it back.
    Well, for starters, realize that this is a choice you're making and not forced upon you. Second of all, you're not losing your innocence, it's all in your head. It's still there if you chose to see it. There are wonders of the world out there that you couldn't even begin to imagine, so take that into perspective (and without smoking beforehand). Also, yes, pot isn't bad, but once it gets to this point of daily/weekly/I-can't-get-out-of-bed-without-it then it's time to think about better ways of managing life.
    I just saw your age posted as 16 and it makes me scratch my head.You need to shake yourself out of this and wake up. Drink some tea, cleanse yourself, do whatever is needed to detox yourself and get a new hobby (or if your friends can't support you, new ones). Join a gym, read a book, etc. Realize that change doesn't happen because you put your foot down, shake your fist to the sky, and go "darnit, I want this now". It won't.
    Changing for the better won't slay all your demons, but it'll surely make it a hell of a lot easier (and it makes the depression and anxiety less grandeur, episodic, and frequent.... trust me <3).
    Hang in there Riley, get your head straight, you'll be OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxThatGuyxx View Post
    You'll get over it, marijuana really depends on your current state of mind. If you're feeling down, sad, or angry, you're bound to have a bad high. You need to be in a happy state of mind at the time of smoking to experience the best and most pleasing high.

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    Ok first off I'm old...Nuff said!

    But even at my age I've had a bad trip, drank too much, and done things just stupid!

    So, don't be too hard on yourself first off.

    From what you've said your not a major drug user and your only 16 so that is good.

    My advice, everything in moderation!

    And if you don't like say so.

    I have friend that still don't understand that I just don't like beer. But I love scotch.

    Everyone is different, some people like coke, some coffee, some tea.

    Just do what you like, in moderation, chill out and take everyday as a new adventure to be had.

    You'll feel good and be doing what you and your body like in the end.


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    I came to the conclusion rather quickly that I don't enjoy marijuana.

    When I was high, I always had the feeling that my conscious body was a foot or so back from my head and I was watching myself do whatever I was doing. I was always in control, but felt separate. If you can imagine a videogame that feels like it's in third-person perspective from behind the player, but still gives you a first-person view, that's about it. It just never got fun.

    So I decided to decline it from then on. No problem. I still like the way pot smells, though...

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    At the risk of sounding like some sort of weird advert, I (since June 29th) quit smoking with thanks to Nicorette Mist! Up until now none of the stop-smoking products worked for me - lozenges made me feel sick, tabs didn't work, allergic to patches, chewing gum gave me a stomach ache and the inhalator hurt my throat. Until this new Mist came out! Honestly it's a god send! If you're struggling with cravings when you're around other people who smoke (and I do know how that feels, my entire family smokes, and I work in a nightclub!) then try it! It helped me so much and I can stand next to folk out having a fag without even wanting one, as long as I get a skoosh of this spray thing. And I got it for free because I joined the stop smoking scheme at my local pharmacy! Woohoo!

    As for the drug use... I got into quite a bad crowd at university, and although I never took major part in the drug use about 80% of my then closest friends dropped out of uni and at least 2 of them have a full time drug problem now. And it all started on smoking weed! I know it's a cliche but it really is a gateway drug! In terms of stopping, just explain to your friends that you don't want to take the risk of having another bad trip and you've decided to stop. Most people will respect that, and hopefully they'll even try to cut down their smoking around you!

    Good luck! I know how hard it is to stop smoking! And even if people aren't offering you drugs or pushing them on you, being in an environment which has you surrounded in them it's very difficult not to say 'Ah eff it, one won't hurt'. So massive good luck to you!! (And totally check out the Mist!!)

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    The way I see it, you simply had a bad trip on a high dose of cannabis. That's not that uncommon, and cannabis is not as innocent as it may seem - in fact, bad trips on cannabis usually have longer lingering effects than other bad trips, though that might also be because cannabis users are on average not as stable and/or younger...

    Still, the best way to get over a bad trip is telling yourself it's all just temporary. In almost all cases, after the effects of the drug are over, the trip is also over and you can stop being so anxious. Still, the months after your bad trip you may have flashbacks and other negative reminiscent memories. I had a bad mushroom trip last year, and it took me a couple of months to completely get over it, but now I feel I'm stronger than before, and I'm no longer afraid of drugs.

    If you ask me, you shouldn't use cannabis at all though. It's a useless, pseudo-psychedelic drug and all it does is make you unwilling to do.. anything. I'm not at all anti-drugs and I've done my share of cannabis, but to me, it was the least interesting drug ever, really. But I'm not allowed by forum rules to give you any further advice on using drugs, so.. =P

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    Thanks guys for your kind words. I'm going to a rave tomorrow night because a friend of mine is djing it. I'm scared that i wont be able to say no :/. My other friend already texted me about getting high before. I told him i'm staying straight, but a very large part of me wants to just say "screw it! One more time won't hurt.". Also it may be helpful to know that i'm a smoking isn't in my best interest and cross country(hs sport) is starting up soon.

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    Many many years ago, before many, if not most of you were born, I used to smoke pot. Back then, at least in my circle of friends, it was all locally grown, or at least grown by somebody one of my friends knew. I quit when it got more prevalent and I realized that I no longer knew where the stuff was coming from. Obviously its not tested or approved by anyone who gives a rat's behind about you. They could dose it with anything at all to make it seem more powerful, or just for the heck of it. Look at the sort of people who sell the stuff. Trustworthy? Are these people you want to trust your health and sanity too? Look at the cartels in Mexico and elsewhere involved in the trade. Do you think they care if its been doused with weedkiller before they picked and shipped it?

    I know this sounds like an argument for legalization, its not. I'm very much against that for other reasons, but staying on topic, you have no way of knowing where its been or what its been contaminated with.

    As for cigarettes, never did it. I'm an endurance athlete, and I know how unpleasant even one or two could make the next day's workout. Same goes for the alcohol. A beer or two here and there doesn't hurt anything, but beyond that, its just not worth it.

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