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    I've been pretty depressed this summer. I feel like my life is just slowing down to a stop. I was expecting to have a part time job doing yard work, but the guy didn't need much done, so I didn't have any summer job. My ideas for a fantasy series that I've started is looking like a dead end right now and I can't get enough kick to start really writing it.

    I'm sort of looking forward to school, because I'll at least have more of a sociallife and something to do. I only hung out with one friend this summer, but I wish I had more to talk to. This girl I've been friends with for a year has been dating a guy, and I kind of liked her. I don't think it could work out between us though. I want to find a girlfriend, but I haven't found anyone that likes me. One girl who might have liked me was my ex-girlfriend's best friend so it would have been too awkward. I helped out at a freshman orientation for high school, and had really no one to talk to and I saw my ex. That event made me feel even worse.

    I'm taking guitar lessons now, so that has sort of helped. I feel really under accomplished though. Like I should be doing more with my life. You know, doing something cool, that people will admire.

    I'm not sure how I feel. I act happy and laugh and stuff, but on the inside I feel miserable.
    Blech, I feel awful.

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    Hi Muffin - have you shared your thoughts of depression with anyone? And I don't mean the internet. Sometimes getting professional help can help you realize that you're not alone. I think most depression for many people is temporary - everyone reaches a rut now and then. And most people eventually work past depression, with medications or self-reflection. But communication may be key. And if you have a chemical imbalance, medication will also help. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help, but make sure you're asking the right people. The first people should be your parents.

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    I'm not advocating this in lieu of other solutions or anything like that, so don't dismiss other stuff presented here.

    Some simple stuff that might help a bit-do you get any exercise or do any physical activity? Sometimes, even just going for a walk can be enough to help. There are studies that show exercise produces some hormone or something that actually helps improve mood temporarily. From there, how's your diet? Do you stay hydrated? As one that's fought depression at various points, I've found that I am sensitive to poor diet and dehydration, insofar as if I'm feeling or experiencing something that might make me depressed, it is compounded when I'm not taking as good of care of myself in those areas. Lack of sleep also makes me much more prone to becoming depressed.

    Give some of those things a try, and if nothing else, they might help you stabilize enough to figure out what to do next. From what you describe, you've got a few things that are troubling you, so perhaps there are some changes you can affect to improve those situations.

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