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    Having a lot of problems with the southbridge on my mobo lately, its a fairly old rig in tech terms (had it for 4 years nearly). was always fine even OC'd but in the last 2 weeks I've not only had to drop everything back to stock but also had to keep the side of the chasis off, with desk fans that are ever increasing in size and power just to keep it from thermal cutout.

    It's now at the point I cant even play a game like SC2 on steam for 5 minutes on lowest settings before it thermal cuts or just completely hangs, the culprit, after rigorous testing is the southbridge. Its one of those complete unit copper pipe/fin combo coolers on an Asus ROG board. No matter what I do now it wont even Idle below 60 and any load sees it rocket to 65-70+ in seconds.

    I'm between a rock and a hard place right now, I really rely on my pc not only to socialise but for looking for work too (I work agency at present)
    Cant afford to upgrade to newer kit but cant be without it.

    Any ideas?

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    Never heard of that one.

    Is the heatsink connected to the northbridge via heatpipe? (if so, maybe the north bridge is heating up the sourthbridge). Only thing I can think of is taking off the heatsink and re-seating it.. but that can be tricky.. and those heatpipes bend really easily. Maybe inspect the heatsink for.. leaks? Assuming you've already blown out any dust?

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    its just a pair of solid copper pipes, the cooling fins are at the northbridge end, over the mosfets, I'm getting no temperature problems there, however when the sink reaches the southbridge its just a square pannel on the end of the pipes, sitting on top of the chip with a thermal pad and the manufacturer logo on it. It's run flawless up until now, so I'm boggled as to why its chosen now to start acting up.

    I clean my system out regularly, but with the chipset cooler its designed in such a way that dust cant get into/trapped in it


    Quote Originally Posted by BoundCoder View Post
    Never heard of that one.
    ROG is their hgh end brand, Republic Of Gamers. Its actually an old Crosshair 1 board
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    It sounds like the heatsink may have come loose.
    Try changing the thermal pad and check the push pins or screws that holds the sink in place.

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    i would get rid of the thermal pad and use grease since in my experience with the vreg i blew, thermal pads dont do nearly as good as straight grease

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