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    Default Hi My Name Is...

    Me llamo Cris.


    Yes I speak English, just making some humor.

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    Please avoid Spanish. I was never taught it and it hurts my brain. Welcome to the site anyway. Perhaps we can correct your choice of language :p.

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    Hey. Indeed, I dropped Spanish as soon as I could. Not because I don't like the language, just becasue I hatr learning languages. Anyways, WELCOME TO ADISC

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    I enjoy spanish, although the only thing I know how to say is Hola, and I can count to like, 10 I think.

    Welcome to the site.

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    "It all seems Spanish to me" German, that means "It's too complicated for me" or "I can't make head of tail of it".

    In other words: Welcome to ADISC. Make yourself at home and bring some tasty Mexican food if you can


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    Hola como esta muy buen ERIBA! thats like my spanish sentence for you welcome and have a great time don't be afraid to post a little we are a very accepting community and we accept new members with open arms!
    we wont bite, I promise.

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