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Thread: Stashing Location

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    Default Stashing Location

    I've decided what to order, where to order from, so now all that I need to figure out is where to stash them. What would be perfect is some sort of locking storage contaner that you cant see through. Can anyone point me to where I could by something like that online?

    Thanks in advance. The people on ADISC are so friendly and helpful! *Hugs for everybody*

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    Ordering a container online would cost you a crazy-big amount for shipping.

    Try going to stores like Bed, Bath, & Beyond, or maybe a military surplus store (ammo boxes are cool, and they might have something bigger). Good luck!

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    Personally, I think that the best way (mainly cuz it is cheap) is to use an old suitcase and lock the zippers together. THe only problem is that you have to keep track of the key. Thats what I did with my stash when I had to move it out of an old backpack cuz my parents were cleaning for a garage sale.

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    I'm lucky to live alone so i have a cabinet built in a bedroom stocked with everything AB, even though i'm currently not wearing at all i still like to open it up and enjoy the smell. Before that (years ago) i had stored them inside the box spring under my mattress.

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    I've used a lock on a backpack and a rolling suitcase. Just make sure the lock is close to the base of the zipper (not at the end of the zipper-pull) to prevent the zipper from being opened an inch or two.

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    best way to keep track of a key if youre trying to hide it is to tape it to the underside of your desk or inside of a drawer on the underside

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    Thanks a lot! I will probably go for the suitcase idea *Hugs for everyone!*

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleAyria View Post
    best way to keep track of a key if youre trying to hide it is to tape it to the underside of your desk or inside of a drawer on the underside
    this is how i managed as a kid. The bottom two drawers of a chest of drawers has about 6 inches to the ground. If you have a long one, i.e.
    === then you have almost four feet of storage under your drawers. Even if you have a tall one
    = you still have a nice inconspicuous hidey hole

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    I have an airsoft gun box that I store underneath my bed, the only time my family pop in is to grab a pillow stowed underneath so they would just ignore the box

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    A lot of the big stuff on Amazon has free shipping. I've been looking into some sort of footlocker, which I need a few anyway for other storage as well. I've been looking at one of the Plano ones. They're not pretty but fairly cheap, are fitted for a lock, and have free shipping. Plano Sport Locker: Sports & Outdoors

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