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    I first came upon this site last year when i finally realized that i was not a odd i was not having mental issues.i decided to join finally I like that i am not alone in the world anymore i am not just the only one.that on here i don't have to hide who i am.

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    Well, good to have ya man! Why don't you tell us a little about your non-AB/DL interests so we can get to know you better?

    Welcome to adisc aruthor!

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    Hi Aruthor, and welcome, give us a bit more of you so we can get to know you better, hobbies, interests etc anad you might also like to check out

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    I am interested in reading writing and game programing. My favorite book is Harry Poter and my favorite movie is ...undecided.
    i enjoy reading Fanfiction from mugglenet and many others.
    I do not like people whoban others for no reason.
    I think most of the people in this world are mindless sheep.

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    And playing video games!

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    Hey! There's nothing wrong with not liking boxers or briefs and prefering absorbant, waterproof diapers like the good ol days!
    Welcome to ADISC!
    Have fun getting to know the site.
    BTW, I used to think "i was the only one" too. (that liked diapers after age 3 or 4)
    - Will

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