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    Hello there...Um, I'm not really sure how to begin, so I guess I'll just start by saying that I am a boy, and I am very open minded. Right now I am studying for my GED, and I don't have a job immediately lined up, but I may become a police officer or something.
    I am sixteen, so I am a "Teen-Baby", but I also have a little bit of Sissy/LG in me too. I dunno why, but a part of me just likes it, but I guess I'm primarily a Teen-Baby.
    Other hobbies of mine include Reading, Writing, Drawing, Cartoooning, and Learning new things. I also enjoy outdoors stuff, and occasionally video games.
    I guess the main reason I came to this site is to stop beating myself up over being an infantilist. Up till recently I didn't even know there were others that also liked babyish activities. I've tried not being a Teen Baby, but I finally decided to accept it as a part of who I am, and who knows, maybe I'll grow out of it. I also came here so that I can share this part of myself without people freaking out, lol.
    And i guess that concludes my Introduction. L8ers!

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    Welcome to adisc! Great intro!

    It's really good the you've accepted yourself! (so much easier to live that way...)

    If your here to share and learn, you deffinately chose a good site!

    Hope you enjoy adisc buddy!

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    Hello and welcome!. So what do you like to read? Any good draws?

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    Hi Infantino,
    and welcome to the group, nice intro, but do you have any other hobbies, what's your favourite music type or band, bookes etc.

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