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Thread: 24/7 incontinent, ABy forever

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    Default 24/7 incontinent, ABy forever

    Hi, all.

    I'm incontinent, diapered 24/7, but have had diaper desires since I was a child. That has helped me accept and embrace the need for diapers.

    I'm a medical professional, a homebrewer, an novice jeweler working in silver and occasionally in gold, and a bass singer. I've also been known to pen an occasional short story or two...

    I have long experience with incontinence and attitudes toward it, and will gladly discuss it with anyone having problems stemming from the condition. I hope to make new friends, and be a good friend to others as well


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    Hello and welcome! So do you buy scrap gold and then melt it down and make something new of it then? Sounds pretty neat. Do you have any pics of stuff you've done?

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    Hi, xbabyx! Thanks for reading my intro and for the reply. It's good to see they're actually read.

    The gold I've used so far is old "family" gold, either scrap from ring sizing and kinked necklaces or no longer appreciated jewelry. Gold prices, even for scrap, have soared so high that it's almost cost prohibitive to purchase. MANY pro jewelers are moving to silver, copper and brass!

    I work much more in silver, though that metal has become very expensive as well. I purchased a number of old silver coins (90% silver, vs 92.5% for sterling) before the prices soared so high, so I can add a small amount of pure silver to it, keeping costs down, and creating my own sterling alloys.

    I use both faceted and cabachon stones of many varities in my jewelry, and yes, I do have a few pictures of jewelry I've made. I'm not certain those are allowed here, though (I'm newborn to ADISC, ya know...), but if they're allowed, perhaps I can post a couple.

    But I also enjoy gardening, reading, painting, sewing, cooking (I'm essentially a gourmet cook), and many other things as well. In addition, I run a Yahoo group for incontinent adults, one which accepts ABies as members, though ABy lifestyle discussions are not permitted. So, I keep fairly busy!

    My best top you!


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    Hey, welcome to the site. I can give you my silver ring and you can remake it? xD
    Just a joke... Anyway, sound interesting get some scrap gold and turn it into new stuff, I want see some of your work.


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    Welcome. Did you ever think about just buying scrap gold and melting it down to resell at full price by the ounce? Lots of companies make a fortune at that...and gold just went up another $125/ounce in like the last week. Sounds like you have a lot going on...I personally don't get involved in much, because I feel constricted with such a busy agenda, and life moves too fast. Good to see you're okay with your condition. For many of us, myself included (even though it's not on the severe end of the spectrum), we still struggle with it regularly.

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    Hi Binkey,
    and welcome to the group, it's nice to see another person with IC and ab/dl tendencies we seem to be a thin on the ground. I've recently started having major problems with my IC and it looks like it's going to be nappies 24/7 (By the way I speak British English :-) ).

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    welcome here. i dont usually post alot but love reading the forums. and oh yeah i love wearing my diaps!

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    Hi, PCBaby! Thanks for the reply!

    IC is NOT the end of the world, nor is the necessity to wear nappies 24/7! I work full-time (though it only takes me 50 hours a weekend to do so), and have only had one hassle from the face. Perhaps I'll start another thread in an appropriate forum concerning it.

    My ABy interests began LONG ago, as a small child, and they actually were a blessing for me when I began to be IC episodically, then usually, and finally 24/7. I already knew something about various brands, and understood that others wouldn't see them. Those factors helped me greatly.

    It appears we may be cousins separated by a common language, I'd guess.... (GRIN)

    My best to you!


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    Thanks for the reply, BabyKat!

    I occasionally bid on scrap silver coins on E-bay, but only purchase them is I can get them for a reasonable discount from scrap value. Gold is QUITE expensive now, at over $1800/Oz, so it's priced out of my range. I make a good living, yes, but that's too rich for my pocketbook...

    I stay busy, as I have the entire week off, since I only work weekends. My current project is refinishing a chest of drawers, sanding off most of the stain and painting it white. I've had to fill holes for handles, as the hardware is being changed also. It's ALMOST finished! One more paint coat, add knobs, and done.

    As I said above, IC isn't the end of the world! I also believe cancer is a word, not a sentence! My bladder was replaced with an internal reservoir made from bowel segments in 1991, due to an ugly form of cancer, but I'm still alive, breathing in and out. There are many things worse than IC!

    Nice collection! My wife likes it when I sleep with my NUK5, as it greatly reduces my snoring!

    My best to you!


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    Hi, again, PCBaby!

    I just noted your reply to goggles that your musical and reading interests greatly reflect mine! I sang bass for 8 seasons with a symphony chorus, and play a number of instruments, winds and strings. I'm also a great fan of Clavell and Michner! My favorite Michner book is "The Source". What is your favorite?

    Again my best to you!


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    Hey Binkey, its great to see a new member, especially one who has similar interests to my own. I noticed before that you said you were a health professional. What area do you practice it? Im definitely curious to hear your own experiences being in the health profession and needing to wear diapers/ab/dl tendencies. As I'm entering the health profession myself (still studying though) would be great to hear some of your own expereinces.

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    hi Binkey,
    I know IC isn't the end of the world, until the age of 14 I was doubly incontinent (long story), following several rounds of surger I was finally toilet trained but still had some residual urinary IC problems, they have stayed with me until the present day ( I'm now 56), it's just there has been a change in flow and volume (both increased) and as I get my ic supplies supplied by the National health service (NHS), they start with small pads work up through the larger ones and whne they fail it's usually nappies, although at home I could still get way with the larger pads. There may be a chance I could be provided with pull ups rather than nappies as I have manual dexterity problems due to arthritis, but that has to go to the head of continence services as they have to specially authorised and ordered. The problem I would have with nappies is that on average I go about 11-12 times over a 24hr period.
    I sang when I was a child in a cathedral choir as a boy treble/soprano but I didn't listen to my choir master, continued to sing whilst my voice was breaking and ruined it, I now vary ( alot) between bass and tenor usually on the same note! I don't play any instruments. As for Michener, probably Hawaii, far better than the film with max von sydow and julie andrews, which was only based on 1 chapter.


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