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Thread: What is the process of Incontinence?

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    Default What is the process of Incontinence?

    Right basically I'm an occasional bedwetter and after doing the toilet I'll let extra go,sometimes ages after. But what is the process of ic actually like out of curiosity. Is it a constant dribble, a dribble and sometimes a flood etc. And also faecal,is it unfelt until the smell is noticed. Is it solid or liquidy etc. I know this sounds like a dodgy post but I'm quite curious...

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    Wow - what a series of questions - basically that answer is "yes all of these"!

    Urinary incontinence is any kind of loss of control and while for some people it can be a mixture of all you describe,a lot of us find it is limited to either dribbling or flooding -at least most of the time with a bit of variation to keep us on our toes. The word you didn't mention was "urgency" - associated with the kind of incontinence where you know you need to "go" and literally can't hold it long enough to be able to void in an appropriate place - so end up wetting your pants either slowly or in a sudden flood.

    Fecal incontinence can range from having little or know knowledge of having to go, to knowing it is happening but not being able to do anything about it. Many people - but not all - will have enough sensation to know they have passed a stool without having to wait for a tell tail odour. As to the solid/liquid question while softer faeces are (pretty obviously) harder to control, fecal incontinence can happen with any kind of "output".

    Hope this helps you understand the range of problems incontinent people have to live with.

    I also hope you don't think this is a "dodgy" reply.

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    ha thanks! Yeah that's great. Was basically curious. I see people writing that stories aren't realistic and tearing down those who think being ic would be a good thing and it got my curiosity tingling. Nope mate,not dodgy at all much thanks!

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    seconding Dayannight's post, with also a mention of a fairly rare physical defect where the urethra bypasses the flow controlling muscles (this type results in a constant dribbling).

    Scottishdude, what is the exact nature of your 'letting go' at a later stage? i mean, this could either be 'after-dribble' (a small amount of fluid shortly after urination) or 'irritable bladder' (if it's a longer time afterwards and of a greater volume than the previous).
    if it's either of those, it should be easily treatable.

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    basically like I'll feel empty then upto a while after more comes out. Can be anything from a spot,dribble or enough to warrant a change of underwear. Wearing padded boxer briefs now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    seconding Dayannight's post, with also a mention of a fairly rare physical defect where the urethra bypasses the flow controlling muscles (this type results in a constant dribbling).

    Scottishdude, what is the exact nature of your 'letting go' at a later stage? i mean, this could either be 'after-dribble' (a small amount of fluid shortly after urination) or 'irritable bladder' (if it's a longer time afterwards and of a greater volume than the previous).
    if it's either of those, it should be easily treatable.
    How is this issue treated? I sometimes experience both of these symptoms; rarely is it bad enough that it leaks through to my pants but it is frustrating nonetheless.

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    the 'after-dribble' is basically (or, usually) caused by a weakening of the muscles which control the closing off of the flow of urine. the muscles are located after the prostate gland, but form part of what is known as the 'pelvic girdle' arrangement of muscles (and for the urinary tract can be considered to extend the length of the urethra). usually, most people can't sense the indvidual muscles involved, and a part of that inability is also what causes many people to urinate when they defecate. so, you can understand how easy it therefore is to lose some of the fine motor-skills associated with these muscles, particularly when it comes to the squeezing off, and closing off, of expulsion.

    the remedy is simple: exercise.

    that's exercise in general and specifically of the muscles concerned with closing off the flow of urine. the general exercise is important because the pelvic girdle also forms a large part of the support for the internal organs and, generally speaking, when one aspect of the arrangement becomes weakened, it's often a sign of a general weakening of the overall structure [from a lack of general exercise].
    so, doing some exercise or leading a less sedentry life will help, overall.

    muscle specifically, practising cutting-off the flow, whilst urinating, will help strengthen the muscles concerned with that aspect (this is also the main exercise used to solve bedwetting issues). it can take from a couple of days to a week to have a good effect.
    at the other end of things (if you get my drift), and in consideration of the sensory ignorance/confusion with regards to the muscles of the pevlic girdle, a repetitive clenching of the buttocks is usually enough to also trigger a clenching of the pelvic girdle, thereby exercising the relevant parts.

    (it can noted that the latter exercise can also help with hemorrhoids, in the prevention and cure of. painful at first, but it works. if bleeding, seek your doctor's advice first)

    for an irritable or over-active bladder (giving the sense of needing to wee, even if you're empty), there are drugs available to calm the contractions. but, if otherwise healthy, you can also address such contractions and spasms in the same way as with contractions and spasms of other parts of your body; most obviously, as with hiccups and the diaphragm.
    again, exercise is important as it's exercise which not only gives sterngth, but also control.
    with a not too filled bladder, you can practise pushing out the flow (think, when you were younger and had competitions to see how far you could urinate?), but don't push too hard (wouldn't want you to burst a blood vessel) for this is mainly about going through the motions to condition your bladder to the sense and action of it's functions. you should also bear in mind that you should be practising the full range of sensory induced action of urinating for this proccess (from the intial sense of needing to wee and the push of the bladder, to the final cutting off of flow, as described earlier).

    you can probably tell that urinating isn't just a simple act of opening a valve 'til empty; there's lots going on and lots that go wrong. it's more complicated for boys and that's why they also take longer to master the process. girls have their own additional problems, though, and they will probably be more familiar with exercises designed for them, specifically to suit their anatomy and the functions thereof.

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    I can tell you that neurogenic bladder and bowel is that you don't have any control or vary little control over your pee and poop. I have both a neurogenic bladder and a neurogenic bowel. As for my pee I have no control at all and at times my bladder doesn't always empty all the way all the time. Yes I am diapered 24/7 for it but I do have to cath myself once a day to fully empty my bladder or i get UTIs which suck. As for my bowels yes its neurogenic and I have vary little control over them. Basically when I feel I have to go its right then and there but also my lower colon doesn't move like it should so I get backed up if I don't do an enema every other day. If I know I am going to be out somewhere for a bit I will do a quick clean to get me through about 8-12 hours.

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    also is it like constant so straight from bladder/bowel to the exit points. I.e as soon as you drink water you pee or is it just random?

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    any drink or food takes time to be absorbed by and pass through the various systems in the body so no it's not a case of you drink and you pee. For the record until was placed in a childrens home and they had some medical investigations done I was doubly incontinent until the age of 14, after a 2nd and 3rd round of surgery I finally managed to gain some bladder control, but at 56 am still dealing with fairly bad urge and pmd and am currently being re-assessed for either very large pads or adult nappys 24/7.

    ---------- Post added at 19:15 ---------- Previous post was at 19:13 ----------

    oops should have mentioned that after the 1st round of surgery I was clean during the day and after about 6 weeks post surgery was clean during the night as well. I have had the odd messy pants or nappy since then, but usually as a byproduct of an illness.

    ---------- Post added at 19:18 ---------- Previous post was at 19:15 ----------

    Scottish, how old are you? it sounds as though you are talking about urine pooling in the urethra bulbous. So you go, then it may be when you stand up or sit down or a few mins later you will pass between 2 and about 15 ml of urine. This is actually a common problem. Pelvic floor excercises will help as will urethral massage, but you should be seen by your gp and ideally a urologist for a run up.

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