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Thread: Camera Trick with ability of looking through clothing.

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    Exclamation Camera Trick with ability of looking through clothing.

    Should people who wear diapers in public (me somtimes) be worried about people carrying around cameras?

    ‪How to see through clothing‬‏ - YouTube

    I believe im posting in the right right forum.

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    I don't think it matters that much... honestly no one will care :\ they'll assume you have a health defect or something.

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    IR is ineffective with a large amount of light. And also, it seems that you'd need to be very still and very close for anyone to see exactly what your wearing anyway.

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    The guy who did that video is a total perv and will probably be on America's Most Wanted in the near future!

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    Don't worry, this "trick" does not work with most clothing.

    For it to work, your cloth must be thin and kinda loosly knit. You could basically do it with any kind of filtered light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob111 View Post
    For it to work, your cloth must be thin and kinda loosly knit. You could basically do it with any kind of filtered light.
    Ya it doesn't work with jeans or sweats I've already tried it. So you probably don't have anything to worry about.

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    From looking at that video, even if it did work on all clothing, the person shooting the video would have to be up close and following the subject around to discern any diaper from underwear. Doesn't seem like anything for me to be concerned about at this point.

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    Yeah, it's rather in practical. And if anyone has any background in physics or photography might understand how filters work and when/why to apply them. If the IR trick did work effectively, you'll be hearing more on it and probably kits out there to look under clothing. You don't really see this at your local airport do you? They have X-rays that do penetrate clothes, bags and skin.

    That said, if you want to know why some cloth cleaning detergent claim to be "whiter than white" It's because they use some ingrediate (escapes me now what it is, sure some one here people knows it) aborbs Ultra violet light that we can't see and reflect it back as white light. Guess thats why white looks shiney under UV light. But I think that's not what most people want, more noise to filter against the IR :P

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    Well, I don't think that trick work to all clothes, and like the video, must be close to the person.

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    I wouldn't be worried about them noticing i'm wearing a diaper.
    Id worry more about the fact that they more than likely intend to use it for perving on people.
    Also id probably catch on if anyone was being so blatant about peering at my butt for extensive periods of time.

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