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Thread: Cleaning up my collection.

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    Default Cleaning up my collection.

    I just went through my entire DVD and video game collection.

    I weeded out all of the movies I had no desire to watch again. And I weeded out all of the games that I really did not enjoy playing all that much and that I had no intention of mastering.

    That means that I now have a pile of 200 DVDs and around 30 games sitting around here. I'm going to let my friends have a crack at them, and then sell whatever is left after that.


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    Why would any one have actual media, nowadays. I have all of my movie library copyed (completely legally) on to my hard drive so i can watch them anytime and anywhere.

    I actually had a friend that made 'back-up' copies of all of his music CD's (which is legal) then sold all the original CD's (which, by itself is legal) on Amazon. Not sure if it is still legal if you combine those two activities, but it was kinda funny.

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    Not under that particular US Law; there is an explicit requirement to transfer ownership of the back-up copies at the same time and to the same entity as the originals.

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    Wow o.o I have maybe 25 dvds xD mainly because I just wait for stuff to come on tv like on HBO or STARZ and just record it and call it a day

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    I usually get some old favorites from the $5 bin at Walmart. Then after watching it once, it will be quite a long tome before I watch them again. I can't wait until I can get Netflix again. Red Box is awesome too. I always reserve my movies at release time (about midnight) Red Box app makes that a breeze.

    Oh yeah and that's like having a Halloween giving out Reese's and peppermints. Come around end of the holiday, all the reese's are gonna be gone

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    I gave all of the games and all of the DVDs I weeded out to a very close friend of mine. It works out OK, seeing as he has been buying me meals whenever I was out with the guys a couple of times a week for the last few months. Heh.

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