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    Hello all, I am new to this site and it has been telling me that i should write an interduction about my self so,i am about 16 years old and I am a avid collector of verious things like wolf items and art as well as old advertising like coca-cola and anything relly vintage and antique. I love to play football and baseball as well as other sports. I am also intrested in history of any knid, espicaly american history. I love the german language and speaking it. I just happended to find this site by looking around one day and it fasinated me. My intrest in diapers i guess took off when i was about 6 or 7 when i found a ton in my baesment in a trash bag and i fond out around this time that i had a friend that liked wareing diapers as much as me so it just took off from their i guess. My intrest is just for wareing, I have no sexaual intrest in them and i am not gay. So that is just a breif little bit about me and my intrest in diapers.

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    I know my account says that i am a Lurker but truly i am not i just have not been able to find the time to post a greeting on this site so i hope that they will be able to fix that soon for me.

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    Welcome Philcofan! I'm sure you'll find the forum to be a really great environment to make new friends and talk about whatever strikes your fancy. What are wolf items? Is that just things with wolves on them or do you collect like pelts and teeth and stuff?

    Anyway, welcome to the forum!

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    Sweet! I used to collect a TON of Coca-Cola stuff. Every time I went to a new town to visit I would stop in the antique shops and buy what ever I could afford that had Coke on it. I sold a lot of it the last time I moved about two years ago but now I wish I had kept more Oh well, I still have some and can get more. Some day when I own a house I will decorate one room with Coke stuff

    AND, I also LOVE US history! This year I have finished: A. Lincoln by Deckle Edge, American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House by Jon Meacham, Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick and John Adams by David McCullough (Adams is out on DVD as a mini series). I get these 'books' from the library and listen to them while I ride my riding bike and love listening to good history books (not much of an actually read though...I'm too Anyway, history is cool and I wish I could learn all the stuff from it so I will avoid all the mistake people have made lol.

    So welcome to this site. I am pretty new too

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