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Thread: Alcohol

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    Default Alcohol

    Do you drink? And what are your thoughts on alcohol use?

    Socially? Addicted? Occasionally?

    I choose not to drink because of my personal experience with my father's alcoholism, and my already poor ability to control my temper when sober. I fear that with lmited inhibitions, I might do or say something to someone I love that I can't take back and will regret forever.

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    I don't drink, I've only had alcohol once in my life and spit it out all over the table it tasted so bad =/, plus I don't like the idea of not being in control of myself.

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    Like smoking I find it skips generations. Children of heavy drinkers avoid alcohol and tea totalers kids drink heavily.

    I might wish I came from moderate parents but mine didn’t drink so... I'll have another!


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    Well I have drank before. So i guess a little less than occasionally. I believe that in modertaion alcohol(just like other things) can be controlled and not allowed to get out of hand.

    That being said i have been drunk enough were i have done some stuff i have regretted ounce. I told my older sister some stuff about me that i would have rather her not known and in a sober state of mind would have kept to myself.

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    Nam not always true.

    My grandpa used to be an alcoholic when my dad was like from 4-14, and my dad still drinks =P.

    Although it may be true in my case, if I ever adopt a child he may drink or not, but I sure as heck am not going to drink, or smoke, my dad smoked till I was like 4.

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    Well, beer(any kind) tastes absolutely horrid, but make me a cocktail and I'll down a few.

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    *shrugs* yeah ocasionally if its for events or while im in mexico visiting family =D
    other than that no

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    I've only had wine (Thanksgiving)...And a little bit of a wine cooler...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samaki View Post
    Nam not always true.
    Agreed! With humans no behavior is truly predictable. I have seen the opposite extremes thing often enough to expect it but have seen traits go through several generations occasionally.


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    Footed P.J.


    I used to have a problem where I barely would ever drink. Howerver, when I did drink, I drank beer endlessly to where I'd be chatty, vulgar, and flirty. I have been hit or miss with wine.

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