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Thread: Tranquility Premium Overnights

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    Default Tranquility Premium Overnights

    So this is my first premium diaper.. The absobancy is great and the overall feel is extremely comfortable so I undoubtedly love it. I just wanted to find out how everyone else's experiences compared to mine. The one thing that I noticed is that it is very bulky even when it isn't wet so I am very careful when wearing around my family. What do you think?
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    i think you are paranoid That is probably the slimmest premium diaper you can find. You can wear almost anything with it and you should be inconspicuous. My only feelings on it is that it will not last long, maybe one wetting. It is a great diaper though for daytime wear .

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    I've always liked Tranquility ATN -- they run a bit small, but they make a pleasant amount of noise and are comfortable. Enjoy! You can only have one first box.

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    Like I said this is my first "premium diaper" so I can't really compare it but I'm my opinion it is really thick and bulky. Has anyone else used this.

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    They aren't that thick compared to others. They're excellent diapers, and some of my favorites. They pretty much never leak unless you have them on wrong or a tape comes loose. I do however recommend discarding the blue tapes and just using the white ones. The blue tapes almost always come loose on me. Others have mentioned issues with the blue tapes as well.

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    Exactly what they say, you're paranoid cause you can see a very slight difference between a diaper and no diaper. No one is gonna stare at your butt to try and notice a slight bulge that's hard to do. They also aren't closed in on your crotch for no reason. They are thinking about anything else.

    Tranquility is a good brand that is still discreet and a little more durable then diapers in stores.

    Any diaper will be thicker than underwear. You will feel it.

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    I don't mind ATN diapers. The one thing that I really do like about them over other diapers is that they seem to be cut fairly low. I can wear one, and it doesn't go up to my belly button. I really hate diapers that ride a long way up my back. The ATNs don't absorb nearly as much as say a Molicare or an Abena, but they are much better than the store brands. If I'm going to wear during the day time or sleep over at someone's and I am trying to be discrete I'll wear an ATN.

    Needless to say they are actually a pretty good deal for the money. I hope you enjoy them, there's never another "first time" so revel in it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RangerR View Post
    I don't mind ATN diapers. ... Needless to say they are actually a pretty good deal for the money. I hope you enjoy them, there's never another "first time" so revel in it!
    From what I've tried, I'd say they're the best in their price range. Good performance for the price. They cost about 1/2 what a "premium diaper" costs, and are about 1/2 as absorbent, most other factors are about equal. Very good leak guards too. They don't have any front or back elastic however. That's the only thing I'd change about them.

    Others are mentioning blue tape problems - use them to "stretch out" the diaper. Then after 30 minutes, retape with the white a little snugger for normal use.

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    I accidentally got an xtra small sample for it thinking it would fit well... and oh god it didn't fit well at all... but I still managed to use it.. and even though I had to stretch it a lot it still absorbed more than any other diaper I've ever used ^_^

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    Sorry to just be saying this now but I was talking about the tranquility premium overnight pull ups.

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