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    Gah I swear people are so stupid. I went out to my car yesterday and saw someone had stolen my radio. They didn't even do me the favor of leaving my ac controls. My radio was an after market from like 7-8 years ago it didn't even play mp3s. They took the housing it was in which also had the ac controls in it. And with no job i can't get the stuff to fix it. Fuck my life. -.-

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    I hate stupid people that steal for there benifit (london at the moment XD), but i guess everthing happens for a reason ,maybe you have a reason to get a job ,and get a new radio. Anyway hope everything gets better

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    Quote Originally Posted by alu View Post
    I hate stupid people that steal for there benifit (london at the moment XD)
    I saw some dick on the news that said "it's our way of getting money." and I thought "so you go out looting shops on a regular basis!?".

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    That's terrible that someone did that to you, Maxicoon!

    I agree with alu that everything happens for a reason. (But still, not having air con is no fun in hot weather.)

    ...Hopefully this means that one day you're going to have a job and an even better radio and air con than you had before. I pray that's what happens!

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    That's just horrible! I'd ask if you filed a police report, but I don't know if that would help really. Can insurance cover it, maybe? I don't know, I am just throwing out ideas. Maybe someone can lend/give you some money? Parents or something? I dunno. I would also be worried that they would try again if you got a new one.

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    My heart goes out to you Maxicoon, I'm in Texas too and if I lost my AC in this heat because some D bag needed meth or something I'd something extremely not nice to them.

    If/when you get a new radio paint it brown. No one will steal a brown radio from a car, science has proven it. I sincerely hope things improve for you soon.

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    That's really pathetic. Somebody does a couple hundred dollars in damage to your car to get a radio they'd be lucky to get $20 for.

    BTW, if you think your life is messed up, what about the thief? How messed up do you have to be to think stealing car radios is a good idea?

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    It was some assholed yonkee, searching something to interchange for his shit. Buy toxic snake (of plastic) and leave it visible inside the car. It works.

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