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Thread: Greetings again.

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    Default Greetings again.

    I am relatively new to ADISC. I was a poster and reader of on usenet a long time ago, and I met some real life friends there. At any rate, I do wear diapers everyday and, if I am at home, I am usually wearing a pair of footed pajamas (I have pairs for *all* climates). I am trying to get more reusable diapers, but that's something I am still working on.

    Besides being an AB/DL, I am a musician, writer and technologist. I am writing a story about my life which includes some things about my AB/DL lifestyle and some of my experiences. My music is experimental and "jam-bandy." I like to play board games, swim and I also play video games. I like to read science fiction novels, so far my favorites are from Asimov.

    That's the short of it, if you are interested in talking with me feel free to message me. [Removed]

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    Hi there! A musician AND a writer huh? I'm a writer too, but I've never been good at playing music, way cool that you can do both!

    good to have you here on adisc! Most of us are really nice, so don't be afriad to ask questions and make friends!

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    Hi Lilkid,
    nice intro but as you can see it has been edited a little bit try reading the rules ( to see why. Nice to have another Sci-fi reader on board I got into Asimov a long time ago, alo Heinlein, Clarke and Niven just to mention a few

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