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Thread: Exploring my new life as a AB / DL

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    Default Exploring my new life as a AB / DL

    I have just noticed that there are others who share interest in dressing as babies and or wearing diapers. I am at the early stage in my exploration of AB / DL . I have from time to time worn diapers but not as a serious lifestyle choice. I have often thought about age regression but this is the first time I have found a group where I can explore this side of me.

    I have run my own company, which I sold about three years ago, and I have moved to a new country to live. I hope to turn a past hobby of woodworking into a new job for myself.

    I enjoy sports particularly soccer, Rugby and field Hockey which I can play, American football, Ice Hockey, Basketball which I have watched but never played.

    I enjoy cooking, gardening, camping, most outdoor summer activities, art and woodwork.

    I can listen to most music and I enjoy watching movies and educational programmes.

    As you can see there are a lot of new things going on and I look forward in getting to know many of you as I explore my new life with this community.

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    So... How long have these feelings been buried inside of you?

    I'm 27 and have been having this interest in diapers since I can remember.
    I remember stealing my sister's diapers and wearing them, and being caught at the age of 3. Nothing happened but I remember her saying that wasn't mine and it wasn't for big boys lol.

    What kind of business did you own?

    I know when I found out I wasn't alone in this world with the same interest, of course the internet let me know I wasn't all that uniquely weird.

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    Hi Footballdude,
    and welcome to the group, we are a diverse lot with various experiences, so my suggestion is to browse the froums find one or two that interest you and dive right in. Nice intro as well.

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    Welcome to the community. Thanks for sharing about yourself and your hobbies. This was a great intro that you have posted.
    You will find that there are so many here that it is a support group as well as an enjoyable site to be part of.

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