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Thread: ADISC + Minecraft?

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    Default ADISC + Minecraft?

    Do we have a Minecraft server here? I'd love to join up.

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    I don't think so lol... there may be a minecraft group or something with a server... but probably not a general server.

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    nobody is hosting a server i beleve ,i had a look in the group and nobody is ,i would definatly join tho.

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    Same here, but the no one here is hosting. :<

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    I have a minecraft server... BUT it belongs to my kids so I'm not giving it out. And I don't play minecraft.

    OK, there is a point to this post, however, and that is that I use a service call for hosted virtual minecraft servers. It's pretty cheap so if someone DID want to start an ADISC minecraft server, you don't need your own hardware.

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    Considering the interest I've seen expressed here and on the adisc minecraft group, I may well set up a server later today. It'll be whitelisted, so pm me with your username if you want to be added to the whitelist. That is, of course, if everyone's happy for me to host it?

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    I would gladly join the server as well, I stopped playing cause I didn't have anyone to talk to on minecraft.

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    I'd love to get on SMP again, and a server for here would be awesome.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jcub View Post
    That is, of course, if everyone's happy for me to host it?
    Sure, just post back on here when it is up with the IP, an' I'll PM ya the stuff :3

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    Righto, server is up at Currently whitelisted, with mobs enabled. I'll get things like world backups running in the next couple of days. As I said, pm me with username to get added to the whitelist.

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