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Thread: Depend fitted maximum protection wearers

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    Default Depend fitted maximum protection wearers

    I posted this thread to find out who many people have worn the diaper depend fitted maximum protection briefs formerly known had depend overnights. I welcome people to post wether the liked or disliked the diapers but please to get out of control if you hated them . If you and hate them please tell me why I would love to hear about it. Same thing for those who like them.

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    I loved the feel and absorbency. I hated that the tapes never stayed stuck.

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    Interesting I am inclined to agree with you on the tapes they really need to do something about those.

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    I bought them on a US trip, I liked them very much. I had the impression that they are very soft, even when wet. The plastic is awesome to (if you like loud and babyish look, sound and feel). Would be one of my favorite, if I could get them in europe.

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    Too bad you can't get them on shelves in europe. Anyway thanks for you input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidov1993 View Post
    Too bad you can't get them on shelves in europe. Anyway thanks for you input.
    Trust me! You ain't missing anything special at all! They are horrible! They forget to add the padding when they make them.

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    Ugh. They're alright if you have no other choice, but if you can get something better, do so.

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    Hmmm nice we are getting people from the other side of the spectrum. I take you guys had some bad experiences

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    I like them just fine as part of my range of diaper options. If I had to pick just one brand of diapers to use it wouldn't be them but they're good to have around when I don't want to wear for an extended period or want something that won't be bulgy. They look and feel right with tapes and a plastic outer shell. Being widely available and reasonably priced are other marks in their favor. They could certainly be a bit thicker and more absorbant but for me at least they get the job done quite well.

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    They're really not as bad as some people make them out to be. I've made this case before; here it is again:

    * Depends are designed for people with real incontinence, not recreational diaper wearers.
    * As a garment designed for incontinence, the fitted max is tremendously superior to anything else you can get off the shelves. It has standup leak guards, a strong, plastic backing, three tapes, and an elastic waistband. Plus, it is thin, which, we must remember, is generally a plus for people with incontinence. It also has a lot of SAP compared to other mid-tier diapers like Tena or Kendall.
    * The fitted max is designed for active people, i.e., people who aren't bed ridden, and such people don't really need a tremendous amount of absorbancy. You should be changing the diaper as soon as it's wet, so it really only has to hold one large wetting with some absorbancy left over just in case. Depends has just this absorbancy.
    * Some people complain about the price, but in reality, it's comparable to any other mid-tier diaper.

    Depends are a fair product given their price, features, and (most importantly) their ubiquity. For all that, I can't complain. They're certainly not Bambinos, Secure Plus, Dry 24/7, Abenas, or even Tranquility ATN's, but they aren't really meant to be. They're a good day time diaper, a good budget diaper, and at the very least, they're still plastic backed.

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