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    Hiya everyone.. Been interested in the AB scene ever since an old bfriend (in my teens) asked me to wear nappies for fun. The nappy / diaper fetish continued long after he went his own way. :O)
    Like many I used to keep quite about this interest but now in my wiser and older age I don't give a jot.
    I have a lovely collection of baby clothes and can choose to be a wee baby or a walking toddler.. though I do prefer to be a helpless dummy sucker in my pink babygrow.
    I'm here because i want to hear what other ABs enjoy and pick up a few tips myself. As many must know it can be kinda lonely. Behind that is my interest / day job in meditative hypnosis and how it can be used to explore fantasy. By immersing myself in something i enjoy Im hoping to be able to write better stuff and make friends along the way.
    I hope I can become a worthy contributor and welcomed within your group

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    Welcome to ADISC! I like how you actually got into AB/DL at a later age because of someone else, sometimes you figure out how nice some things are when you finally try them. =P

    Maybe you can tell a bit about some other things you do in your daily life? Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay!

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    Welcome To the Forums, im sure you will have a really good time here!
    Its good to see another memeber from the UK joining up here.
    The UK member-base is slowly expanding.
    Meditative hypnosis sounds like it could be really useful with ageplay/regression and probably a lot of fun at the same time
    As Dareios said its interesting that somebody else got you into being an AB/DL. A lot of people dont have the opportunity given to them by someone else and end up having to find/accept it on their own.

    I hope you enjoy your stay here, as ive found its a really friendly community and ive benefited a lot from it as im sure you will too.

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    Welcome LAdybug,
    nice to see a new UK member, but how about telling us a little more about your hobbies and interests rather than the ab side of your life.

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