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Thread: My newest diapering habits...

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    Default My newest diapering habits...

    So to start out I have never been a fan of the pull-up style diapers. The quality is usually poor and I have yet to find any with standing leg gatherers. Don't get me started on the not so waterproof, waterproof cloth.

    Likewise, store brand briefs usually have poor absorbency.

    However, the using the pull-ups with little slits to make it like a doubler, and the store brand briefs more like a diaper cover and the mix works great.

    Not to mention, I personally think it feels more like a diaper should and works as I think they should.

    I haven't crunched the numbers to see if it is really worth the cost, but at this point I'm sold.

    Anyone else do this?
    Anything you do to make diapers more effective or feel more like you think they should?
    Thoughts and ideas....

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    Personally I think Pull-Ups are even more effective and more comfy than a diaper, but that might be because I'm just about 28" waist, I think they are less absorbent, but I don't wet heavily (only in a deep sleep, in which case Ill have a Drynite on as I always do when I go to bed).

    I've never tried to wear underwear under my Pull-Ups or Dyrnite, though I'd imagine you could do it and it might even be more effective....

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    I wear Goodnites a lot, because they're easy to hide under clothes and don't make a lot of noise, but still give you the diapery feeling.

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    I did that till I finally got my diagnosis of IC so now the V.A. buys the Molicare super plus for me. That is also because I have allergic reactions to 90% of the cheep diapers out there. Molicare's are one of the few I don't break out from.

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