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Thread: Bambinos in europe

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    Default Bambinos in europe

    I read a lot about bambinos and really wanna try them out, anyone know how they can be ordered from europe?

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    I have heard that some people have managed to convince them to ship by mail for a huge cost. They had to arrange it by email. You are probably better off ordering from Cuddlz ABDL Adult Nappy Diaper Store . Very similar products.

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    you can order cuddlz of ebay completely anonomously, I did and my god they are excellent, you can re tape them as much as you want and they hold a lot of fluid

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    Is the foil and their softness compareable to bambinos? I read that bambinos are. I like very soft diapers, and few of them are, especially when they are wet.

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    Unless something has changed, Cuddlz printed are nowhere near as good as Bambino - it's possible the Cuddlz white may still be good though. Otherwise, your best bet is ebay I'm afraid - there is a uk importer on there that may be cheaper than shipping directly from America. There may even be an Austrian importer too!

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    That's unfortunate :-( I guess I will have a look at ebay then.

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    I got some here in the UK from ebay a while ago. The seller was bigbabyfun, but he hasn't had any listings for a while so maybe they're waiting for more stock. Not sure how much delivery to Europe would cost though I'm afraid.

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    Default do supply Bambinos, but for some reason, don't ship disposables outside the UK. You could try contacting them to see if they'll vary that policy.
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