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Thread: bought first pack and wore them to wawa.

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    Smile bought first pack and wore them to wawa.

    Hello everyone still kinda new here anyways two days ago I bought a pack of
    pullups 4t-5t i am around 34inch waist and they fit.. Also noted they don't really crinkle much and i can wear them with my shorts without an obvious bulge.
    So anyways my story to go with it is that i had a whole night stayed up wearing/using pullups while i was hanging with my girlfriend she is okay with the ab side of me ,
    but i don't think comfortable enough to enjoy age play with me as of yet. anyways walked to wawa with a lil waddle hopefully it wasn't really noticeable.
    Walking made me a tid bit paranoid cause there was a good amount of people in there that made eye contact but that was cause I believe my glasses to be noticeable crocked. also live in a small town so hopes nobody noticed or ill hear all about it. and to finish it off used two pullups both number 1 of course and the second one i slept in couldnt sleep much cause of full bladder and tried to go pee laying down didnt work but when i woke up the little pullup sensor image had disappeared so i guess i wet while i slept. XD all in all had fun just wish my girlfriend was more into it then just accepting of it. and today when i got home i put one on straight away baby lotion and powder had to go #2 and must say the baby lotion and powder help cover the smell just gotta reapply after each change.

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    i would say count your blessings She accepts you and that is huge. No need for her to do age play until she is deep into the relationship. A lot of people wish they could have accepting significant others.
    Also, i doubt you wet in your sleep unless you didn't need to go in the morning. . your sweat alone will make a diaper lose the dry markings, so I have never understood the point of them.

    Still all in all, glad you had a great time!

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    congrats! And YAY, someone on this site that knows what WaWa is!

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    Get me one of these "hard" soft pretzels while you're there, ok? Mmkay. I grew up around Wawa's.... I'm a Philly native.

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    You are lucky to have an accepting partner It takes some time to get used to something like a diaper fetish. Give her some time and maybe she'll come around!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanessa View Post
    but when i woke up the little pullup sensor image had disappeared so i guess i wet while i slept. XD
    I've noticed those sensors change color from the humidity from your skin if you wear for an extended time. Usually takes about 4-5 hrs here to start to change parts of the wetness indicator stripes.

    You're unlikely to wet involuntarily overnight, that sort of body training is usually very reliable.

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    You are lucky if she lets u wear them at all. My wife doesn't want me to do it at all but we are pushing through. And wawa I live in Quakertown pa and love wawa. :-)

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