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Thread: How can I tell my wife about ADISC

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    Default How can I tell my wife about ADISC

    I want to let my wife know about ADISC, but she is deeply suspicious/paranoid of any kind of internet site that might corrupt my fragile little mind. I feel like I am hiding something from her, because I am. I want to show her what I am up to online and have her be accepting of this forum.

    How can I explain to her about ADISC without her thinking it is some kind of dating site that will steal her husband away from her?

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    As a question, how is it that your wife is so unfamiliar with the internet in this modern age? Or does she have a bit of a control issue?

    Anyway, the best way is just to show her. A brief look at any forum board, whether it be about cars or diapers or bondage or religion, will give you a pretty good idea of what they are about. Here for example, you could pull up the new posts and show her none of them are dating posts. Or, look at the Introductions and you'll see that any of the posts that are looking to meet people are pretty quickly addressed.

    Or, are you asking on the level of she doesn't know you're into diapers?

    If she knows about the diapers, then this forum should be no big deal to her. If not, you need to talk about the diapers, and then show her this place as a source for info after you've broached the diaper topic.

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    Yeah, I'd suggest start small, in the off-topic forum maybe. But really, isn't your question more about "how do I tell my wife about me liking diapers" than about adisc? If she knows about the diapers, then slowly move from off-topic to the other forums. If she doesn't, you may need to lay down some groundwork - there are articles that may be able to help you with telling her about the wider issue here. Maybe have some on hand - or treat it like an AA meeting... it is a kind of support group after all. I doubt anything she sees on here will give her the impression it's a dating site once she actually sees it.

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    No, she knows I'm into diapers, and she's ok with that. Well, what I guess I was looking for was some advice on how to show her this website and how to approch the subject of what it is. I like being able to come here and speak my mind, to be able to relate with people like me.

    My worry is that she'll think I'm here to meet someone else and then leave her. I know that is one of her fears about any website that would deal with the subject of adults who wear diapers.

    Perhaps it is a self esteam issue on her part, perhaps I'm not doing my part to make her feel that she is the only one for me.

    I was just wanting to be able to visit this site and participate while she was home, I don't like sneeking around when she is at work.

    Thanks for the advice, I'll have to find just the right angle to pitch this.

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    Well, good luck. But if she knows about the diapers, I still say maybe you should approach it from the support group perspective, like an AA meeting or something. Maybe explain how it's helped, but if that's the only concern, probably just showing her some of the articles or topics may make her feel more at ease. Hope it all works out in the end for the both of you.

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    Perhaps show her the rules, and explain how our great mod team deals with any hooligans swiftly and efficiently. You should also show her how mature the members, even the younger ones such as myself, here are. Stuff like that.

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    I second showing her the rules, especially if she's concerned about this being a dating site. Another good thing to show her would be the primer for new members:

    It has a section that specifically discusses how ADISC is not a dating site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivee View Post
    No, she knows I'm into diapers, and she's ok with that. .
    Just out of interest, how did you broach the subject of you being into diapers?
    However you did it – you did great! If she’s okay with that, she’s going to be okay with you being part of a support group. Just don’t make it a bigger deal than it is.
    And about you being into diapers ... how did you tell her? I need advice on this! Please!

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    ^^ Thanks for the advice folks, next time she busts me goofing online I'll come clean about this site.

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    I was about to say; why don't you just be glad that she knows and is even a little bit accepting, without pushing it further. Then I realised that it is exactly what I am doing now. Maybe I need to speak to my wife. Mmmmm.

    I suggest that you only need to talk to her is she gets the WTO g end of the stick and thinks you are trying to find someones else. Which you clearly are not. You could suggest that she gets s bit of her 'own' tine too.
    If you want yo make her more familiar with HD Internet just look up a site on a subject she is interested in. Good luck.

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    Not WTO end of stick, sorry should be: wrong end of stick. ( tiny phone keys!)

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