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    I'm a 14 yr old TB/DL from rural kansas. I am glad i've found this site, i never knew such a thing like this existed before. I'm sure this has been said many times, but I'm glad i'm not the only one out there! Thank you all for making such an excellent site avaliable and Hi to everybody!

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    hehewelcome your not in kansas anymore
    sorry i had to get that out i think im the big theatre kid around here? anyways
    hi nice to meet you i hope you enjoy yourslf and hope to see you post around a bit?
    so anything else about your self youd like to share intrest/hobbies?

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    Welcome. You are *definitely* not alone in any regard. Lots of DL TB/AB's out there.

    Wish I had known that this wasn't alone in my diaper interests at an earlier age.

    Better internet access and more people with home computers has changed the world entirely.

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    Hi, welcome to adisc! I know, it feels good to know you're not the only one

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    Hey, welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay here. I know it has been said many times before (I'm not alone,) but it's so true.

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