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Thread: My favorite place to buy diapers

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    Cool My favorite place to buy diapers

    I buy almost all of my diaper's online and this is the best place to buy from
    diapersdirect | eBay

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    lucky i still live at home so i cant order them online because my parents don't know i wear diapers so i get underjams for during the day and tena diapers for at night.

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    That F**in B*****d Diapers direct will NEVER get a buy from me again! A year ago in July he advertised origonal Abena X-Plus in Medium with picture of X-Plus package. He shipped the new M-4s instead. On top of that against my wishes he posted feedback on my account under the name Diapersdirect. Now my friends and family who know my ebay name got curious. I blew it off saying he sells other stuff too but that was unforgivable. On top of that he took two weeks after payment ot ship and his "descreate shipping" was not, with the Abena M-4 all over the box. I complained and he said he had plenty of X-Pluses and would send me some to make up for someone covering him on vacation's mistake. They never arrived.
    I'll stick with XP Medical and North Shore Care.

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    Wow Nam, that is bad. I guess you've read the two horrible things that happened to me. I bought diapers from Amazon, and they posted an e-mail two weeks later asking how I liked my diapers. My wife read the e-mail. That's how she found out I was a diaper lover, and how I discovered adisc asking for advise.

    The other horrible misadventure was when I ordered baby print plastic pants from Fetware and somehow their computer found my daughter's address from my computer or credit card, and shipped them to her, which included my son in law. It takes a while to find the safe, sane rational companies.

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    Oh man, Amazon is horrible with the emails and I don't understand them either. They sent me a bunch of emails advertising baby diapers after buying adult ones. Didn't make sense to me. I keep my Amazons separate though as well as having multiple emails for multiple uses so it wasn't really a problem.

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