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Thread: A present to myself for being my self

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    Default A present to myself for being my self

    I have wanted training pants FOREVER, and have been looking around for where to get some without having them made by a specialty person (I'm not made of $$$$ by any means), and I found these Baby Pants Adult - My First Training Pants - 2 Extra Large Pink: Health & Personal Care
    They came in "my first training pant" and "almost a big kid" I ordered the my first training pants in a medium blue they were out of pink.

    Anybody have these before?

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    Congratulations on being yourself!

    The closest thing to these I've got is these;

    Babykins: Double Layer Terry Pull-On Pant 100% Cotton Diaper

    In fact, I tend to wear these pretty much all the time outside of work, I find them much more comfortable then 'normal' adult underwear

    I hope you enjoy yours when they arrive!

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    Those look like fun! Good find. If I ever convince myself that I can get away with laundering cloth diapers and such without being found out, I might spring for something like these. In particular, I'd like to find some that mimic the look and feel of the late-70's/early-80's training pants that basically looked like a prefold cloth diaper (e.g., all quilted up once washed) with underwear sides and a waistband. I never wore taining pants as a kid, so I always felt a little left out. My mom pretty much did the "cold turkey" thing with us during the day.


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    Oh my gosh! I want the Mickey ones so bad! ^_^ Thank you for pointing these out!

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    I've seen these before, and I really want to get them some time. Cloth training pants are a fairly large part of my AB/DL fantasies. Perhaps when I graduate from college, as I can't afford them now.

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    I did get myself one of the ALmost a big kid white. I love it. Next pay i getting my first training pant

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    I'd love some training pants myself, since I have been in diapers more often- and diapers are rather pricey these days... and powderhair, it's a good idea to do something nice for yourself when you can. I do it whenever I can too... lol.


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    Cute and the price isn't bad. On a somewhat related note, I always find myself wanting the Discovery Trekking swim diapers that XP sells although I doubt that I'll buy them because at $50 it just doesn't quite seem worth it.

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    Adult Pull On Cotton Flannel Cloth Diapers

    I've got a pair of these and like them. I only rarely wet them as they don't hold much. Mostly I just wear them under clothes for that padded feeling when I don't have the time or privacy for a full diaper experience.

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    I might have to splurge a bit with my last paycheck, as I think trainers would be so fun to wear in place of regular undies. Thanks for the link!

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