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    Hi everyone,

    For a job I work in IT, and for a dream I write. My life goal is to have a novel published. I'm nowhere near that yet, but I keep dreaming (and writing).

    Until I happened across your site I had no idea that there was community of people who shared an interest in diaper-wearing. I also had no idea that it was okay to acknowledge this interest. I've never acknowledged it in myself (until now). I've lived it, lost a marriage over it, obsessed about it, reviled myself over it, and never reconciled with it.

    Why have I signed up here? To understand that other people who feel as I do can accept themselves. And maybe, one day, to learn to accept myself.

    Oh, and my interests: I love humour, imagination, eloquence, and wit. I read, watch movies, listen to music - In short, I do anything that inspires my imagination to fly free.

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    Hi! Great you like to right, Most people here write stories. You can even post one of your stories here! It doesn't have to be ab/tb! What's your favorite kind of music?

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    Hi Little,
    and welcome to the group. You mentioned reviling yourself because of your feelings. You will find that a lot of ab's/tb's and dl's do exactly the same and that a lot of us go through binge/denial cycles. Some when in denial go as far as throwing everything away that has to do with this side of their personality, but then as time goes on they find they have to come back to it and then binge on anything and everything to do with the subject, so you are not alone.

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    Thanks PC - your comments are really insightful. I've been through both binge and denial – and I’ve never realised before that I’m not alone in this.
    Some time ago (when I moved in with my partner) I threw everything away and really wanted to turn away from this fascination. I suddenly had so much more in my life than ever before.
    I still do ... but this fascination pulls me back, for reasons I can't explain.
    It's not a side of myself I feel comfortable with. But at the same time it's an obsession that I'm not fully in control of.
    It's really interesting to know that there are others who can be so much more comfortable with their feelings than I am, and seemingly live so much more fully and honestly than me.

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    some do find happiness and a balance between this world and the so called 'normal' world, many of us don't, I have IC isuues as well as being an ab, I was fortunate enough to have a very understanding wife who mummied me when she could. and I thinbk I may now have a found an ideal internet mummy, but it is very early days. But most of us just muddle along, needing our nappy fix but feeling guilty when we do it. If only magic wands really existed!

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