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Thread: Pro Gaming Glasses?

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    Default Pro Gaming Glasses?

    Call of Duty Black Ops: Pro Gaming Glasses Gunnar Optiks |

    For all the gamers out there, would you buy these? I was going to get them. I think these look Awesome!!

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    Personally, they look like just another pair of shades, I am not much for glasses tho...
    But hey, if you want to get them, more power to you I am not much of a COD fan tho... more of a fan of the Sci-fi, air-to-air / air to ground, ship vs ship... racing, a few sports... games like that.
    I have to admit that they do remind of of joratio's sunglasses tho, lol

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    Yay! Something else I can throw $70 on just to make me look like a tool and let me kill more people on call of duty. This is just some marketing ploy, and if you are bad at CoD now, these probably won't help you.

    EDIT: I may have been a bit over the top. I don't own the glasses, or have ever seen them in real life. They may be worth it, like a pair of Ray-Bands.
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    I don't think they are worth it. Your better off getting better input devices known as keyboard's and mice.

    I had a logitech G5 mouse (2000 DPI) and it improved my FPS games not by a factor of 2 or even 1. But I did notice some improvement. I then got a 5600 DPI sential advance from coller master and so far it's done really well. However the weights in the bottom aren't nearly as changeable as the G5 was.

    I also have a old mechanical keyboard at my other house from the 1990's or maybe even 1980's. I'm hoping I can use that and see if my preformace is better with that. Plus the sound mechanical keyboards make is AWESOME.

    I wouldn't mind having that since it is backlit and the key's aren't painted on. My current keyboard has WASD, ERTYUIOLNVCGHF. All of them are completely blank faced.

    As for glasses, your far better off getting a prescription filled and tell them your going to be looking at LCD's, screens a lot.

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    Those almost look like the glasses that you can order off of

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    After about 160 hours of playing Black Ops, I've grown very tired of it...

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    i personaly wouldnt spend 80 dollars on a pair of glasses ,unless they were a well known make like raybands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzy View Post
    After about 160 hours of playing Black Ops, I've grown very tired of it...
    I've play around 1500 hours of Team Fortress 2, 500+ on the left 4 dead seires and over 200 on Borderlands. These are just 3 of my games.

    All mt stats can be viewed here.
    Steam Community :: ID :: Fire2box (G&P Trixie)

    this of course only accounts for Steam and not PSP, DS, Wii.

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    Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback/comments. Trust me when I say this I played the shit out of Black Ops and killed it. I am going to buy the shades/glasses. Something else to waste my money on! XD Yay! They also look cool.

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