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Thread: Heylo newbie here XD

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    Smile Heylo newbie here XD

    Hello everyone,

    Otay My name is derek im 18 and am an adult baby and likes to crossdress.
    XD simple enough I hope. Also right now im wearing a boys pullup 4t-5t fits fine to waist is a lil below 34 im guessing. So hi everyone.
    Expecting to meet some online friends in for the same thing and what better way than this forum XD

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    Welcome to the site How about you tell us a little more about what you like to do that isn't AB/DL or sissy related, so we can get to know you better.

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    well i enjoy reading conspiracy theories and I have a issue dealing with the courts at the end of the month to go to and I had a moment were i realized i need to deal with my issues instead of using drugs so i figured id go deeper into my issue and help myself by joining this forum

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    Hey, its good your looking for help, and this forum is a good place to gather advice.

    Hope you enjoy ADISC!

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