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    In about a month I will be able to buy some store diapers from wallmart. I plan on using the self checkout line, but I don't know how to use it. Do you just scan the items, bag them, and hit the finish button and pay? I tried looking on youtube for a tutorial, but I couldn't find one. Can anyone help?

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    That pretty much sums it up. You do usually have to press "Start" in some self serves, not 100% sure about Wal-mart, but they all work similarly. It will be easier and faster if you can pay by card versus cash, which will require inserting bills and change into the machine. To me that takes more time to fumble with bills. Hope this helps.

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    They're pretty simple and self explanatory. Why don't you go and buy something innocent like candy and scan it through the self serve. Then you'll know how it works before you're trying for the first time with a big package of diapers.

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    The most annoying part of the self checkout is the 'weight' system that measures whether or not you put the item in the bagging area. If it is the wrong weight, or if you don't put it on the bagging area, the register will freeze up and a cashier will have to unlock it. And it is not a completely 'self' thing. Their will still be a cashier watching your every move. It might just be easier to go through the line. I don't think the cashier would say anything.

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    I actually work with these god forsaken things at my job.
    Basically, the one thing I can tell you to do if you want the self checkout supervisor no not pay you any attention is no not touch the bagging area until you have scanned the item. Use a store bag provided, scan the item, wait till it tells you to place it in the bag, then do so.
    Do not remove the bag from the baggage area until you have paid successfully.

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    I'm with ABalex on this one: Just go through the line. Sure, you can self-check and avoid confronting your fear of the cashier at this particular store, but many stores (*most* in my area, for instance) don't have those. At some point, you'll want to come to terms with the fact that cashiers, while human, are playing a fairly mechanical role of moving people through and are extremely unlikely to care at all about what you're buying.

    It'll be a little scary, sure. I did it, and I remember that first purchase very well! But after that, you'll be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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    Here in the UK all you do is press start scan an item and then place it in the bagging area. Next item do the same. Keep all items in baggage area until AFTER you pay, don't start bagging any items. Once you've payed then bag everything up and you're good to go. Not sure if it's the same in the US or anywhere else but it should be similar. I'll try and get a tutorial up soon

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    pretty much found that once it registers the weight, you can remove it. I do it all the time. Some machines you do have the option to select skip bagging, although I have found it only allows you to do it a few times before it asks for assistance. Normally when simple errors pop up like that, the cashier fixes it from their station in the front of the checkouts and never comes near you. If your nervous of going thru the normal lines, this isn't a bad way to go. Just remember no matter which line you choose, the cashiers could care less what your buying, and if they would ever say something just report them to the manager.

    We were all in your shoes at one time, when I bought my first adult diapers I was scared Sxxxless. Now I could careless. I just go in buy them and go.

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    These pictures should help

    1. Press start
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	walmart_eval1.jpg 
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    2. Scan your item(s) and place into bagging area
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	walmart.jpg 
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    3. Press Finish and Pay
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	walmart_eval2.jpg 
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    4.Bag your item(s) and go!

    Hope this helped guys!

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    basicaly ,press start ,scan item,put in bag in bagging area (dont move them),pay ,take bag ,go home . basicaly its self explanitory and most give you a onsccreen tutorial type thing when your using it anyway, dont worry tho.

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