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Thread: incontinent?

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    Default incontinent?

    i think i'm becoming incontinent... how do i know?

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    -.-" Well, the most obvious sign is big wet spots on your pants.

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    How you know? You lose control of your bladder...

    More information would be helpfull....

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    well more bowel control then bladder and i'm finding myself not being able to hold it or anything anymore

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    If only one out of every 30 words you use can be found in a dictionary... you might be a redneck.

    If you notice a huge wet spot growing on your pants... you might be incontinent.

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    If your bladder or bowels involuntarily void themselves, you are incontinent.

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    You should see your family doctor/pediatrician. At your age this is definitely something that needs to be evaluated by a medical professional in person and is not something that can be addressed in an online format. Once they make sure nothing serious is going on, it is likely that they will be able to help with your symptoms.

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    I have to agree with bdb, you must get seen by your family doctor for an initial assesment of your symptoms and investigation if needed. Do you have a good diet, with fruit, rice, wheat bran oer similar and do you drink plenty of water. it could be overflow constipation or very bad constipation. but SEE YOUR DOCTOR

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    Sometimes when I see posts like this... I ask myself: WHAT THE F***?
    For me it is normal, when my body gives me signals, like bed wetting or other symptoms, I HAVE TO GO TO THE DOCTOR !!!


    We have to take care of our health!

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