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Thread: how do I confide?

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    Default how do I confide?

    hey all!

    Okay,basically I have known this girl for around a month and we have really kicked it off. We have tons in common and have really good chemistry. We've been on a few dates and I've been a gentleman just a kiss goodnight,but I've got high hopes for a relationship. That's where my problem starts. I've read about people getting into relationships,confiding then it falls apart because of lack of trust etc. She lives local so I'm afraid if I do and shes creeped out she'll tell people. What should I do? Tell her about my DL side or not...

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    I don't think there would be any need to rush into telling her - give it a month, if you're getting deep with each other I'd say that's more like the time to tell. I doubt she'll hold it against you for not telling her right away. Good luck with it anyway

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    I'd say not.
    You have so much more upon which to build a relationship... And there is so much more to you than your DL side. Use that to build the relationship, then give it time. You should soon know in a month or two if she can handle news like that, and make the decision then.
    There is more to lose from rushing into this than there is to be gained, and it doesn't seem particularly necessary to tell her. Let her get to know the real you first, then the DL shouldn't be such a dealbreaker.

    Good luck, though, whatever you decide to do. Let us know!

    Dan x

    Edit: Yeah, basically what riddle just said!
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    thanks for the feedback. So you guys think I should continue in normal relationship mode then when I sense its deep,deep to tell her?

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    Well, when you feel comfortable enough with her, and know her well enough to believe she can be trusted with it, yeah.

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