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    Red face hi there

    hi the weta from new zealand here just a quick hellow and intro .gwm 44 65kgs single and living in auckland new zealand . am into wearing nappies and plastic pants and making them very wet hehehehe will be embarking on a tour of south island soon if any ab/dl people in new zealand wish to meet like minded person let me no normally go by the nik of babyweta

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    Wow, did someone tell all of New Zelaland that we exist? Seems to be popular for NZ people to join lately! Welcome to ADISC! I should inform you right now that this is not a meetup site, this is a support site. So telling us just things about your physical presence and that you are looking for people in your area is generally frowned upon, but that's alright.. you aren't a bad guy at all! In fact, you could be the greatest member of all time, just you wait!

    Lets start you road to become the greatest by telling us a bit more about yourself personally, if you don't mind. What are your hobbies? How did you find this site in the first place? What sorts of things make you happy? What's your favorite colour? Start with these questions and just go crazy, there is probably so much you could say and we are all just dying to hear it. You'll make a huge impression if you show us why you are a special, beautiful person.

    Have a wonderful day and have a wonderful time here on ADISC!

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    Hello and welcome! I think we're all into wearing diapers and making them wet, or at least tangentially connected to it. So yeah, what else do you do for fun? Also, I know it's not related to anything, but I get a chuckle out of kiwi birds. They're such goofy things!

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