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Thread: Is it good

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    To tell the truth depend actually arent all that great. From my experience they have terrible capacity and leak far to easily. The ONLY thing they really have going for them is that they are cheap and even then not by that much. I would recommend finding a local medical supply store that stocks either Tena or Attend products. I personally prefer Attend though.

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    I think there is one that is a little better...The one with the reddish color instead of purple...But there are lots better than Depends

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    In their favor, they're reasonably priced, being thin, they're not hard to conceal, and they're available in many stores that sell adult incontinence products. On the downside, they don't have high capacity and being thinner is a big negative for some people. If you can order online, there are certainly better diapers available (Secure Plus or Secure X-Plus topping my personal list).

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    Those are good I think. I also like Assurance from Wal-mart.

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    I even found that the store brand ones especialy CVS were much better than depends. but different people have different bladders and different bodies so really we would probably know the jist of the qaulity and holding capacity of the diaper but you yourself are the only one whole will know the one diaper to rule them all.

    Lol I kinda sound like LOTR there for a second.

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    Depends suck!! their very thin and don't hold much and leak easiley
    I would recomend Attends, Abena, Molicare or Assurence brand from Walmart.

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    It all depends, forgive the pun, on your circumstances, if you live somewhere you can get to a walmart go for the assurance, if all you can find is depends, buy them but you need to make them hold more.

    Get yourself a pack of male guards, all drug stores sell them, they are just absorbant panels that stick inside your regular underwear, poke a bunch of holes in the plastic backing and put them closer to the front of the diaper, so when you sit you won't squash them.

    This works very good with all diapers, it makes the per diaper cost higher, but it will double the life of the diaper, it makes a cheap diaper a good diaper and a great diaper even better.

    I like the assurance you can't beat the price for a plastic covered diaper, but I use washable small towels, in mine to help with absorbancy, other than useing those they are good for 1 or 2 decent wettings but with the towels I can flood them at will, and they are good form me for hours of fun.

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    I have used the belted shields as a stuffer in depends before although they are a little more expensive than the guards they are thicker and hold a lot more

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